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Thread: Episode 6 Recap - "From The Not-Quite-Sublime To The Incredibly Ridiculous"

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    Amanda, you are awesome - I sooooo enjoy your recaps!

    Did any of you notice that the chocolate fight took place in a bathroom? Iím sorry, but any room with a toilet is a room where I donít want runny chocolate smeared on my face. Maybe itís just me.
    Holy crap, I nearly sprayed diet coke out of my nose when I read this!

    And I agree, the explosion was a new all-time low in reality tv. Just when I was starting to really like this show. I'm sure that the Mom-suit is going to be awful - but I bet next week's recap will be great!
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    I missed the show (CSI: Miami was on, during sweeps). Thanks for the recap.

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    thanks AG, This is another reality show I can't believe I watch and look forward too
    What can I be thinking, not what are the producers thinking.

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    Great recap, Amanda.

    Whether or not Average Joe was ever considered truly watchable may be debatable, but I think most of us can agree that something happened this week, something that took the show from guilty pleasure into the realm of “that’s an hour of my life I’ll never get back.”

    I’ll admit, I was damned disappointed they couldn’t get David Hasslehoff himself to attend the festivities, but he’s probably busy saving a former Soviet republic or something.

    Afterwards, Brooke attributes the loss by the new guys to “shrinkage”. Oh Seinfeld, will you ever stop haunting us with your omnipresence? I was waiting for her to tell Thom that he was spongeworthy. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    Larissa shouts “You’re going down now!” to Jim. Whoa. Hold up there, sister. This is a family show. You’re going to get the FCC all over you. You know they’re already all riled up over the Super Bowl incident. Oh, that’s not what she meant? Oops. My mistake.

    Who are the people sitting in the NBC offices saying “You know what this dating show needs? Explosions!”?

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    Wow...great recap....for a show which continually lowers the standards for the stupidest twist in reality tv history....

    ty Amanda....for putting perspective back into this lunacy....

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