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Thread: Show Discussion Thread 02/09 **SPOILERS**

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    Quote Originally Posted by wendiness
    Did I miss something? Didn't Larissa say she'd get rid of whoever pushed the detonator? And wasn't it Mike and Michael both? So why did she keep Michael? Something's fishy about her keeping Michael. He's stepped out of line before ("beaver"), now this and perhaps there are other events I'm not remembering. BUt it seems damned odd that he stays. What's up? Besides all that, he has a distinctly sneaky and sleazy look about him that I'm sure can't have escaped Larissa's attention..
    Michael C seems to be really good at getting himself out of trouble. I think he is kind of a jerk but Michael Klien was way worse. He is so full of himself - it's so obvious. Todd is a bit into himself too...did anyone notice how both hunks that got booted whimpered about themselves? And the AJ's bid the guys farewell and left gracefully? I was kind of disappointed that Larissa didn't tear into Michael K when she booted him. She said he was fun and made things interesting and that she would miss him. Too bad she didn't tell him off - that guy needs a little dose of consequences for his actions.

    Quote Originally Posted by wendiness
    Larissa was VERY upset with the boat incident. I'm wondering how much of her anger and tears were directed toward the producers for putting her through this.
    I would have been upset...sitting on a nice quiet little boat and Kaboom...that would have scared the heck out of me initially (although it turned out not to be such a big deal...they all three survived it ...Larissa, Tony and the painting )

    I like all the guys that weren't booted (well...sort of...the jury is still out on Mike C). I can't see Larissa with Fredo even though he is a nice guy. I'm still rootin' for Brian W - but Larissa really does light up when she is with the hunks. Her demeanor is completely different with them - it's almost as if she were two different people.
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    Didn't Larissa say she'd get rid of whoever pushed the detonator? And wasn't it Mike and Michael both? So why did she keep Michael? Something's fishy about her keeping Michael.
    I think the difference between Mike C. and Mike K. was that MC showed some remorse and even said he was sorry whereas MK did not.
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    Mike C. seems to be the biggest "gamer" of them all, and he knows how to talk to Larissa to get her to keep him, aka good acting skills.

    Man, I was throwing imaginary forks at my TV when Michael K was defending the detonation. His little speech about how he thought Tony was overreacting just sent me, "It was, like, his second date with her; it's not like it was their engagement or anything that we blew up" (paraphrasing here)

    And then - and damnit I can't remember the exact words - but he said something to the effect of "these guys are getting so worked up and are so small minded. It's like being with a bunch of girls". Oh how I wished Larissa could have heard that gem. Somehow, I just know that Michael K was that little prick on the playground that everyone avoided in elementary school.

    OK, my bets are on Tony and Gil for the final two, and of course she will pick Gil.

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    my fave is brian worth and i hope he wins. i think that fredo will dig himself into a hole when the fatsuit returns. he's been so perfect so far that something has to happen to make him look bad. i'll miss him when he's gone but it'll give me a better chance at capturing his not so average heart since brian w will be sadly taken

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    The boat sinking was the best ever. I so wanted to see the painting get wet for the high drama but it didn't happpen. Oh well it was stil good.

    Michael K is a stupid robot with no sympathy for others. In a room with a bunch of females? Wow I felt like kicking him in the sensitive area. Who wouldn't be mad when their date was ruined?

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    wendiness....given the slow fill of that boat I am sure they had much more time to plan there abandon ship than was shown on camera....By this time on the show....just about everyone knows Larissa can swim well...but it would have been nice of NBc who arranged this disturbing stunt to have shown us at least a bit of obvious concern for each others safety...

    Just the are you Oks they certainly would have said to each other....before getting really, really angry.....

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    Yeah, it did seem a bit much that Tony just took off with the painting without a perfunctory "Are you going to be OK?" to Larissa. Yes, he knew she could swim but... On the other hand, as someone pointed out, the producers could have edited that part of the conversation out. Darn these shows! Lol. I wonder if they also edited out a comment by Larissa, "The guys I'm really angry at are the PRODUCERS." I mean come on, it's not as if they showed the Michael's down by the dock wiring the boat.

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    How do you think Larissa really felt about the painting? Her tone, and the words she used seemed to be "forced" as if she didn't care for it too much, but wanted to be nice. Granted, I couldn't do any better with the painting, but I don't think it captured her likeness too well.

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    Well in all defense of Tony and just to add another way of thinking, maybe he was just stunned by what was happening and don't forget, when the boat was sinking, he didn't know what was going on or IF Larissa was part of it. Besides, he was very weet and considerate when they were on shore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dreaminginblond
    Okie well if they couldn't figure out mom by the voice, they are dumber than I gave them credit for.
    My voice is almost identical to my mom's.

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