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Thread: Show Discussion Thread 02/09 **SPOILERS**

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom
    Fredo and Michael C. :-) I mean with EACH OTHER.
    If you can get me a screencap of that expression on Michael C at the elimination, I'll do it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noreen
    I liked the way Michael Kein didn't bow down when he was being scolded by her, I think I would have been tempted to push the button. All's fair in love and war, yeah they knew something was going to happen but, it also could have worked in their favor.

    I though she liked Mike K the best, I know I did.
    Quote Originally Posted by Noreen
    Did anyone think anything of Tony not being concerned about Larissa getting to shore only that his painting made it? Not a word.
    I with you Noreen! I know I would have pushed the button...not that I would have wanted to hurt anyone but I would have wanted to see what was going to happen. It was just to tempting.

    I am going to miss watching Michael Kein. He would egg the others on and just sit back and laugh. He was having a good time and driving them nuts!!!

    And I was thinking the same thing about Tony and the painting.

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    hell ya i would have pushed the button too! curiousity kills the cat right?

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    Thom on Michael Burgin and the Hunks: I think they might even have exchanged phone numbers.

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    Gypsy Rose
    I missed the first 15 minutes! Can someone recap what happened with Brooke? Who did she flirt with? who flirted with her? Was Larissa really jealous, or was her one preview comment pretty much all that got said? Did this factor in her boot picks, at all?

    I was happy with all the boots tonight. It could only have been better if BOTH mike's could have gone.

    GO TONY!!!! I really like him. But I'm a weeeee bit disappointed that we didn't see more concern for HER from him when they were having their near death experience. It would really have won him points if he'd sd., "The heck with the painting, let me help YOU!", and just tossed it overboard. This may come back to haunt him!

    HEE at her potty mouth. I'd *just* been thinking how sweet she was, and how hard it was to believe the fit she'd thrown the first night w/ all the cussing etc. And then she reveals that she DOES have a little temper on her! ha!

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    You know, before this episode I thought Tony had a pretty good chance. But after tonight's I'm not too sure. I think Tony still has the best chance out of all the AJs, but it didn't feel like there was chemistry there. I know the whole date was more focused on the wired bomb storyline, but I really didn't think Larissa was really feeling romance.

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    So glad that Todd and Mike K are gone. They were both so superficial and were only there to win the girl. It didn't matter which girl as long as they won.

    I'm starting to like Gil. He appears to be the sweetest and humblest of all the hunks, although, he did join in with all the hunks in giving a go-ahead to pushing the detonator. It would be really dissapointing if his behaviour during the date with Larissa was an act.

    I'm not sure what to think of Tony. He's really taken with Larissa, but I don't know if she just feels comfortable with him because of the art commonality.

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    Did I miss something? Didn't Larissa say she'd get rid of whoever pushed the detonator? And wasn't it Mike and Michael both? So why did she keep Michael? Something's fishy about her keeping Michael. He's stepped out of line before ("beaver"), now this and perhaps there are other events I'm not remembering. BUt it seems damned odd that he stays. What's up? Besides all that, he has a distinctly sneaky and sleazy look about him that I'm sure can't have escaped Larissa's attention.

    Saving Larissa vs. saving the painting: well, we don't know that that wasn't discussed and edited out. Perhaps she reassured him that she could manage on her own and to save the painting.

    Larissa was VERY upset with the boat incident. I'm wondering how much of her anger and tears were directed toward the producers for putting her through this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hanksmyman
    Suggestions for my next morph?
    Hi, Hankmyman! I know Fredo probably won't make it to the last man standing....but I would like to see him morphed with him. Although I'm really getting to like the Brian W / Larissa one (and I'm happy to report my nightmares of the Tony morph are finally subsiding )
    When you learn, teach. When you get, give. ~ Maya Angelou

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    Subliminal One
    Mike C. keeps things dramatic... it's the producers' choices. In another thread it mentioned Larissa gave a radio interview and mentioned she wanted to drop Mike C. right away, but he was making so much trouble they kept him on.

    This is now a total sitcom. First of all, how did the guys back at the house even know what happened before Tony came back? And it's the producers who Tony and Larissa should be mad at, they put it in the script.

    And good god... another "fat suit" gimmick next week, but this time an "old suit." This show is tanking fast.

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