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Thread: Episode 5 Recap - "Mr. Happy Shiny Happy People Pants"

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    Mr. Happy Shiny Happy People Pants!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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    Great recap, Amanda!

    I’ve always said that farm animals and the smell of manure make for one hell of a romantic atmosphere.

    He also has Hollywood aspirations. What? A reality show contestant with Hollywood aspirations? I’m shocked and appalled. Okay, really just appalled. Could he possibly be more generic? Also, he looks really ugly while eating, so HA! AND he never had his very own Funky Bunch, so he loses. Better luck next time, Dirk Diggler.

    Theo, in the fashion of arrogant guys all around the world who are busted cold, tells Chachi to chill out.

    Dude, Fredo, shut up. You aren’t helping. Go put on some Polo and a shiny shirt, and be quiet.

    David was offended and disappointed that he was shown as having pissed himself. I understand that. The poor kid never swam as a kid. He never rode a bike, nor a horse. He had plenty of time to sit inside and practice bladder control. Give him a little credit, for crying out loud.

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