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Thread: Guesses on who will be the last man standing

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    Quote Originally Posted by libgirl2
    You briing up a good point. Melena really threw herself into her dates more. Though by the preview looks like Larissa is throwing herself into hers!
    Can you blame the girl? The AJs are nice and all, but they're not exactly prime passion material...

    I'm voting on a James vs. Brian finale... Gil and Fredo seem more like Larissa's friends than her lovers. And hopefully, James will win, since I destest that little Boston B*tch Brian more than words can say.

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    I hope it's Brian...he seems to genuinely care about her(why I do not know)..in my opinion,Gil doesn't really care,he just sees this as a way to further his "acting" career

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    I think Brian will rock her world in Boston.

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    I hope it's Brian, but really wonder if Gil confessing that he did the show to further his acting career will really matter to Larissa. I mean, duh, I'm sure that's why she signed up. She may pick Gil just because of that...although if I were Gil I would worry about getting acting lessons if he's serious about that career..I don't think the notoriety he gains from this show will last his allotted 15 minutes.
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