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Thread: Average Joes want a beauty--Are they shallow too?

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    Average Joes want a beauty--Are they shallow too?

    Lots of people talk about how shallow it is to want someone good looking. Yet all of the average Joes were basically into Larissa right from the beginning based on her looks. I'd say they're equally vulnerable to a pretty face.

    Some other thoughts--

    I've really been enjoying this Average Joe series. I think Larissa is teriffic--beautiful inside and out. If you haven't done so already, check out her art website at LarissaMeek.com.

    The only Joe who I think is desirable is Tony. The rest really don't seem too bright or too interesting. Of the hunks, James seems promising. I also liked Theo--I wish Larissa had given him more of a chance.

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    Subliminal One
    Yeah. it's been discussed in many threads already. The thing is, as others have said, the AJs don't have a choice so it's not fair to judge them in this way. Even with the hot, flirtatious blonde (Brooke Burke) coming in, she really isn't an option for them. All she's there for is to allow Larissa to gauge how the men react to physical appearances (analagous to the fat suit in AJ 1 but reversed) -- since Brooke is more voluptuous, has larger breasts, long blonde hair, and not to mention just plain more sexually forthcoming.

    What would be interesting is if they bring in an average Jane (cute but not super bombshell like Larissa) as a legitimate contestant.

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    Almost any guy is going to be drawn to an attractive girl at least initially when you dont know too much about there personality. Thats all they had to go on right off the bat. Its not like Larissa and two average girls showed and they all threw themselves at Larissa. A pretty girl,the only one they had to chose from, showed up and they were interested in her. That is being shallow? I dont think it necessarily is. I think Sean, Fredo,Brian Worth, and Tony have all shown themselves to be at the worst pretty nice guys and with the exception of some self confidence issues I think they have pretty good personalities.
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