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Thread: 'Melana The Most Annoying Person'

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    'Melana The Most Annoying Person'

    According to http://www.amiannoying.com/(gkfzx455erms3bvekp5m0l55)/ranking.aspx Melana is ranked number 1 with an annoyance level of 88.62%.

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    I would say Melana is pretty average-looking: I wouldn't call her 'beautiful'. She is quite ordinary in her features and doesn't have a really outstanding feature, say compared to Meredith in Bachelor, who had a blooming beautiful complexion, high cheekbones and so on.

    Melana looks very artificial: I probably wouldn't recognise her without makeup and she looks like so many people out there in the modelling, spokeswoman, TV celebrity world with her blonde dyed hair, capped teeth, big smile, lots of makeup, fake bronze tan, I just don't find that appealing.

    I prefer that she was more natural.

    I really don't know what the guys were gushing about when they first met her. But weren't they just so sweet?

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