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I don't understand why it's so popular to feel sorry for the Average Joe's being made fun of, yet, if you read what posters say about Randi on BIG/FAT, there's very little empathy for her and her feelings of being made the butt of Steve's behavior.

Is it just the fact of numbers: that seeing 8 men against 8 men is crueler than a one on one like BIG/FAT?

I didn't feel sorry for anyone yesterday; in fact I thought the editing of the challenges was hilarious! It IS just a TV show and of course there's supposed to be an Underdog, only with AJ2, we have 8 Underdogs. Just because they're 'average' doesn't mean they're special; they can be just as ass-y and mean and petty as the Hunks. Remember Zach? He was an AJ and had no problem trash talking:about Melana, fat Melana or the other Joes.

NBC is intentionally editing this (with clever background music) to send up waves of pity. Not everyone who was popular in high school was mean or hurtful and not everyone in high school who was a geek was kind and sweet. I hung around, was involved in, the popular crowd of school and we were more interested in solving the world's problems through GreenPeace and Food Drives than mocking people. Even among Geeks there is a Pecking order and outcasts; it's not a Utopian World amongst the Nerds, either.

I'm going to laugh all the way to the end: at Sean, at Todd, at Larissa and any other twist they put in the wind.

I don't get it. You say it's okay to laugh the Joe's "being made fun of", and then you say you weren't interested in mocking people. Which is it?