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Thread: AJ2 Episode 3 Recap - "Ethics? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Ethics!"

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    hahahahhahaha *wipe drule* That was the funniest thing - I haven't laughed out loud in front of my computer over something truly funny in a long time. This has got to go in the records books. Thanks for making my first post fancifully fun. lol

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    Great recap, Amanda.

    The problem is that as much as I know these guys are supposed to be the ideal physical specimens, one phrase kept running through my head: gay porn. It was all so staged, so scripted. The guys were all so buff. The background music was so cheesy. I don’t know if that’s the vibe the producers were going for, but they nailed it.

    He joked that he didn’t appreciate the fact that his prize said “last place” on it. He was hoping for it to say “Braveheart.” Sean, Sean, Sean. You silly man. I think we all know that Zack from P-Ho has sole rights to that name, and he’ll be happy to come kick your ass should you bring it up again.

    I should look on the bright side. He could have said “scintillating, sexy, super, sacred, saintly, squeezable superstar.” I guess that would have been worse. The phrase “always avoid alliteration” kept running through my head for hours and hours after watching the show. Bah. Annoying, asinine, abysmal ass that he is.

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