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Thread: Michael C. - "Hunk"

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    hmmm, i think he's nice looking, but doens't quite look as "HUNKY" i did think melena's mike was much cuter. i'm hoping this isn't the guy who thinks he is sooo much better than the joes.

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    Subliminal One
    What's up with all the liver spots all over the body? You'd think the producers would have airbrushed those to make him look better.

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    He looks like Hunter from Survivor 4

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    ohh finally a man among boys. And he doesn't feel the need to wax his chest.
    I'll be watching this one
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    He kinda has a weird smile, but I like his "manly" look
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    Play Doh Rocks
    Clevelander heats up competition on Average Joe: Hawaii'


    Julie E. Washington
    Plain Dealer Reporter

    Every good reality dating show has a twist. When "Average Joe: Hawaii" airs at 10 tonight, the twist comes when eight hot guys join the remaining Average Joes in the competition for the affection of a beautiful woman.

    It's revealed that one of the hotties, Michael Cardamone, is from Cleveland. He joins Average Joe and fellow Clevelander Alfred "Fredo" LaPonza on the show. It airs on NBC (WKYC Channel 3).

    "I don't think I'm a hottie," protests Cardamone. The other new cast members were actors and models in their 20s. He's a modest, 31-year-old who runs his own advertising firm, Cardamone Productions.

    On the other hand, he works out every day, uses a wax stick on his hair and enjoys shopping. If he's not a hottie, maybe he's a metrosexual, the new term for straight men with a sense of style?

    "I've been called that a number of times. I keep myself well groomed," Cardamone admitted.

    No doubt Cardamone's way with the hair gel helped him get the attention of the reality show's producers. When "Average Joe Hawaii" premiered Jan. 5, former Miss USA contestant Larissa Meek expected to meet the usual dating-show hunks. Instead, she met 18 guys whom no one would ever mistake for metrosexuals.

    Tonight, the show takes a twist when Cardamone and seven other hunks move into the Average Joes' mansion in hopes of dazzling Meek with their above- average bodies.

    The Average Joes were less than thrilled with the hotties' intrusion into the game. The Joes had spent about 10 days getting to know Meek and surviving eliminations. With the addition of the hotties, it meant that the game was starting all over again.

    Some of the Joes lost their new-found confidence. Others confided that they would never again be intimidated by a beautiful woman.

    "They're great guys," Cardamone said about the Average Joes. "I got along with everybody. They just don't have confidence about themselves."

    "Average Joe: Hawaii" producers found both Cardamone and LaPonza in the Mercury Lounge when the show was casting here in April. Cardamone and LaPonza saw each other at auditions in Los Angeles, but weren't allowed to talk until the show started.

    "When I walked through that door [to the Hawaii mansion], he just put his head down," Cardamone said about Fredo's surprised reaction to seeing him among the interlopers. Cardamone worried that the editors would make Fredo and him seem fiercely competitive, but they really weren't.

    "He and I were the most vocal on the show. We just didn't hold back," Cardamone said, eating lunch recently at a restaurant near his Warehouse District apartment. "I was the obnoxious one of the house - but in a good way."

    He signed up for "Average Joe: Hawaii" to get a great vacation, not true love. He felt that he was too old to compete for a woman - not to mention that the whole situation reduced Meek to a prize.

    "If you like me, keep me. If you don't, send me home," he recalled telling Meek.

    When he wasn't going on a group date or doing interviews with producers, life on a reality series was dull. Participants weren't allowed cell phones, magazines, newspapers or television. Cardamone passed the time talking with LaPonza or playing his six-string acoustic guitar. He asked the cast to sign the guitar as a memento.

    Cardamone grew up in Hermitage, Pa., near Sharon. He played football and majored in communications at John Carroll University. After graduating in 1994, he worked as a nightclub promoter before forming his own ad agency four years ago.

    His parents, who still live in Hermitage, are proud and enjoying their son's reality-TV fame. Cardamone hopes the exposure helps his business.

    "It was a great experience. You never know what will come out of it," he said.


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    This article has a bit of a Spoiler smell to it, since it mentions a few things that haven't happened on the show yet.

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    MIA, RIP, or Busy...
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    He's definitely easy on the eyes. The only thing that bothers me is the "mussed up" hair style (too much gel). Otherwise, definitely a hunk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duxxy
    ohh finally a man among boys. And he doesn't feel the need to wax his chest.
    I'll be watching this one
    I'm with you on this one Duxxy! Yummy!

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    OHhhhhhhhh Michael C is the hottest of the hunks!!!!! He's the only one of the hunks that really turns me on!!!


    P.S. Love me those vampire fangs too, he can hickey me with them any time!

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