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Thread: James F. - "Hunk"

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    Quote Originally Posted by mariagoner
    His eyes are amazing! But isn't he the jackass that pulled his shirt up and said that the AJs would have to compete with his abs?
    Is he the one who did that? Yeah, that was pretty jerky of him. Is this the guy that showed up in the limo the first episode? I didn't think that guy was cute at all.

    It may be this pic - but his face looks funny to me. Sort of out of proportion. His jaw is too long and his nose is long so it draws the eye to the large protruding jawline (I have an orthognathic surgeon I could recommend for him ). I agree, his eyes are amazing though. And his shorts...well...okay, I am going to refrain from commenting.


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    this guy is funny looking (great eyes though) I hope he has a personality
    "Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."

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    This guy's cute with beautiful eyes, but it looks like he *knows* he's cute... ya know?
    "Among the blind, the squinter rules." ~ Gerard Didier Erasmus

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    Wow, this guy seems really vain about his abs. First there's that clip of him showing off his abs in this weeks promos. Then if you look closely you'll notice he is doing a crunch in the hammock heh.

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    Looks like a c*cky b*stard to me! Like he needs to be taken down a notch!

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    He has a deceiving look about him... I wouldn't trust him at all!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by snickers
    nice eye, nice hair, nice tan..........but i don't think he's all that. i'd be smiling more if mike from ave joe 1 came out of the limo than this guy.

    you are soooo right!!! because mike is sooo much hotter than he is!!!

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    He is more of a pretty boy, but his face is a bit too long. Beautiful eyes and pretty body. Personally, I like my men a little more rugged. The showing of his abs reminds me of my son and his friend showing off for a girl when they were 14 asking her whose chest she thought was bigger. She thought they were very immature. Guess what - this guy is way older than 14, but doesn't act it.

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    Who on earth dresses this guy?

    WTH was he wearing when the hunks filed in that first night?
    His shirt was big enough for two people and he was wearing very voluminous slacks.
    I do think he's a good looking guy, but he really needs to brush up on his fashion sense.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Fluff, I think they told hair and make up as well as costumes to mess with these people..and make the hunks look just a bit funny...the flock of seagulls hair and in this case silly clothes were just about as humiliating as the IQ test for the "hunks"

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