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Thread: Gil H. - "Hunk"

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    Also, that he works for his Dad's construction company and they build McDonald's. So they can't be poor.

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    You Go Gil!

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    I'm rooting for Gil. He's not like the other "hunks". He seems very nice and down-to-earth, although, a little reserved. But there is nothing wrong with that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf
    I'm rooting for Gil. He's not like the other "hunks". He seems very nice and down-to-earth, although, a little reserved. But there is nothing wrong with that.
    I agree; a lot of folks seem to think Gil is cold and enemotional, but I kind of admire him for NOT choosing to do either of the following
    A) foolishly start pouring out all his emotions and "falling in love" when, after all he's on a dating show with a bunch of guys trying to get the same woman.
    B) trying to make the big love scene ala Jim on every date, while really being shallow and having nothing to say.
    I have found the Truth and it doesn't make sense.

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    Gill wants to be an actor!

    Umm I am watching Law and order I luv it ..well i saw a comerical about AJ ..and Larissa asked gill what he hoped to come out of this and he said to become an actor !! WOW ....she didnt look to happpy !!

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    I like his reserve too... but on another thread here, someone said Gil stated on the show that he wanted to be an actor. I'm not sure how reliable that information is, considering how shy he is in front of the camera. Not to mention, I've read interviews with him, and he's never mentioned that before.

    So when and how did this desire to act suddenly pop up in him? If it did at all...?

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    Gil is alright. He seems a bit too closed off and reserved for my taste although Ill take that any day of the week over the other extreme. That he wants to be an actor statement is not going to help his chances thats for sure.

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    I think that Gil & Larissa have had much more of a connection than we've been shown in the clips. The way she was all over him when they were standing in the surf on their date suggests that they've had some comfortable alone time when the cameras weren't on. She tried to carry it on in front of the cameras and he wasn't at ease doing that. Or he was told to 'act being uncomfortable'. The prudish stud--that's his role on this show, to make him appear more 'decent' than the other hunks. If he were truly so inhibited in front of a camera, than acting would be an odd career aspiration.

    He grows on you, though I don't think he's as cute on camera as in some of his snapshots. With that deep Florida tan & his coloring, he'll probably be a candidate for skin cancer in a few years . . .

    I have always preferred dark-haired men, so I'm rooting for Brian . . .his coloring matches Larissa's and I think they'd be a cute couple. If only he was a better kisser, he'd have a fighting chance. It's so painfully obvious that if he's kissed at all before in his life, it was once, in high school.

    A person can be taught how to be a good kisser. He cannot be taught how to be a good man, if that basic heart is not there. Not saying that Gil is a bad person, but I think it's safe to say that a South Florida beach boy with acting aspirations & overly styled hair who works for Daddy lacks the depth and personal maturity of a certain government employee from Boston.

    We the viewers don't really have solid proof that Gil kisses any better than Brian, but Larissa would know that better than us . . .

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