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Thread: NBC announces 4-episode "Average Joe: Adam Returns"

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    ill postino
    Quote Originally Posted by Miss Filangi
    While I agree that many of the average guys from AJ1 were single for a reason, (Zach) I never found Adam creepy.

    Someone like Dennis had little experience with women and it showed. Adam had a bit more confidence and knew the right things to say. He was comfortable being himself for the most part and I didn't see any act, unlike most of the guys there.

    Good for Adam. 4 episodes is not long enough though.

    which is why i like the chances of guys like fredo and my weird eyes (the artist) because they look like they have actually been out with a women in the recent past...

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    Maybe there will a lot of dates but the four episodes will just contain the eliminations and highlights. So maybe Adam will know the women longer than four shows.

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    I haven't seen this thread before.. Wow.. That's all I can say.. and I'm really excited for Adam...

    Maybe NBC decided to test-run the show in just 4 episodes??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clipse_85
    I am pretty sure they did a good job screening gold-diggers and kicked them out before they even got a chance to make it in there.
    If it's a choice between a gold-digger who will make for good television or a non-gold-digger who isn't telegenic, the producers will pick the former every time.

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    I'm one of those who liked Jason better than Adam up until the last episode. Jason appeared to be laid back and charmingly sincere, but the editing did a snow job with me. Adam finally appeared to be less geeky (and no, not because of the money, but maybe due to, again, editing?) and much more amusing. And while I think Adam would definitely be the kind of guy you would enjoy spending time with for years and years (never a dull moment - lots of sparks or is that flames? ), hot is not a term I'd ever use to describe him. But hey Adam, that's actually a compliment!

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    I do hope he is up to shaving for this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melsevene
    And while I think Adam would definitely be the kind of guy you would enjoy spending time with for years and years (never a dull moment - lots of sparks or is that flames? )

    I think Adam would be a very good lifetime partner (he sets my heart aflame ). He has a sense of humor, he is adventurous (all reality tv contestents get the Adventurous A+ for just showing up on these shows that are designed to make the entire viewing public see them as fools). Adam is good looking in a way that may not plant him on the front of GQ, but he will probably age gracefully (good teeth, interesting face, etc.). The pretty boys like Jason may or may not age well...look at Paul Newman (aged like a fine bottle of salad dressing...I mean wine) and Robert Redford (did not age well at all). And of course, there is Adam's money/career/business sense...who would not want him involved in planning their retirement?

    I'm looking forward to the new Adam AJ show!


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    Adam Mesh is back?

    Did you love Adam from the first Average Joe? Do you think Melana made a mistake by not picking him? If so, then this is your chance to romance Adam yourself! Follow the instructions below to apply for Average Joe 3: Adam Returns. Or attend one of our Open Calls, click here.

    How to Apply:

    Applying for "Average Joe: Adam Returns" begins with 4 steps:

    1. Making a 3-minute personal videotape
    2. Filling out a written application
    3. Attaching a photo of your face and a full shot of yourself standing to the upper right-hand corner of the application
    4. Sending it to our casting team.

    *Packages must be complete for consideration.
    *Participants MUST be available to come to Los Angeles (or other locations) from February 14th, 2004 through March 13th, 2004

    Make Your Videotape

    Making a videotape is very easy. Using a video camera, make us a tape not more than 3 minutes in length that explains why you should be on the show and why Adam is "the one" for you. Be creative, show us your personality - tell us who you are and what makes you unique. Start with your name and hometown. There is no "right" or "wrong" thing to say on your tape, we just want to get to know you and what makes you a unique and special person.

    -Make sure we can see and hear you clearly.
    -At the end of the tape please zoom the camera out to include a full body shot.
    -Label the tape with your name, age, address and phone number.
    -We can only accept VHS tapes (the ones that fit in your VCR) or mini-dv tapes.

    Fill Out Your Application
    Please click here to download the application in PDF (requires Adobe Reader). Please print and fill out the application completely, and leave no question blank. Don't forget to sign it.

    Include two recent photos
    Please attach two recent personal photos to the upper right hand corner of the application - one close up and one full body.

    Send Your Package
    Please label your package and send it to:

    Average Joe: Adam Returns Casting
    3000 West Alameda Avenue
    Burbank, CA 91523

    Please note: Application materials will not be returned and become the property of NBC. Limit: One application package per person.

    Thanks, and good luck!

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    If you guys didn't know yet, there is another AVERAGE JOE.

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    Hmmm . . . Morphine456 has made one post--the advertisement for girls to meet Adam, above. Well, I guess it's a compliment to the FORT if NBC looked for some of their contestants here, eh?

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