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Thread: Nerds Vs Hunks.

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    Haven't been back to read this thread since now and I don't mean to pigeon hole any group based on my one past experience with an ex-boyfriend who was a nerd and unsuccessful.

    Tonight's episode demonstrated that Larissa was far more into the nerd (Boston Brian) than a hunk. She let her guard come down, she felt comfortable and was able to start falling for a nerd. She was actually more uncomfortable with someone who seemed perfect, and on the exact same date.

    I know where she's coming from. But honestly I don't think I've really given a chance for a so-called 'hunk' to sweep me off my feet. I probably would have the same insecurity that Larissa had - that Todd (hunk) was a little too smooth for her - telling her so easily/quickly a compliment. Is he like that with all the girls? Yet, it's these 'preconceived' ideas that prevent us from pursuing future relationships. As in, he's too average, too smooth, too poor, too ______.

    Everyone has flaws, but it's a matter of accepting a person that you are attracted to and that can fill you in everyway. Whether that be average, good -looking, successful, unsuccessful, etc.

    I guess for me I would *like* to be in a relationship with someone that yes I like looking at (for a change), but also someone who can let me be myself and I can accept for the *person* that he is too.

    Okay, off my soapbox now... lol

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    Tonight's episode
    Please do NOT post things about an evening's show outside the Show Discussion thread until after 2am Eastern. I have to keep saying this week after week after week...

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    Quote Originally Posted by KaiCee
    the point is: Bill Gates would have been sucessful even if he were good-looking and excercised in the gym during the day.
    I doubt it. From personal experience, I can confirm it's difficult or impossible to excel in sports and intellectual pursuits at the same time.

    Although I started this anti-jocks thread, I was mostly a jock in high school who become a geek in university (a Theo in reverse). I practiced karate, played rugby/football, and weight trained in high school, so I was buff/muscular in my high school years; and I had a B+ average with minimal studying. After entering university, I realized the acadamic (and athletic) standards were much more competitive; I had to devote my time/effort to acadamics or sports but not both; otherwise I would fail in both. After considering the long term career potentials, I decided to drop sports. From my 1st year university on, the heaviest weights I lift are large books in the library or my brief case.

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