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Thread: Nerds Vs Hunks.

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    I'll add - the nastiest, backstabbing person I ever had the misfortune to know was also not particularly intelligent (I'm being generous here) and unattractive and overweight. I worked with this person and she tried her best to make my life hell (and she was junior to me in our workplace). This was after several attempts by me to be friends with her.

    My husband said it was plain old jealousy (she perceived me as having certain things she lacked and I guess thought she deserved). I would say that the person that lambikins' mom encountered in that store was of the same type.

    Mind you, a couple of the clips we've seen of these "hunks" show less than attractive personalities ("Do you think you're above me?"...."Yes, I do!").
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    lambikins, you must have had a really wonderful mother for her to do that after what that lady said.

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    Lambikins...It wasn't my point to prejudge the guys exactly in this post......and I will be the first to admit that I have only seen the pictures of the guys and haven't a clue about who they are yet....

    The odds are in my favor that some of them will be shown on Tv like I posted but I can't tell you which ones they would be....

    What I was trying to say....and didn't succeed in that post....and may have equally given the wrong impression in a couple of comments was that to some extent I am jealous of these guys...in my heart I hope they have obvious flaws....

    and though I really dislike the tall good looking Doctor with the great bed side mannor

    thats a character flaw of mine....and I should really try to get to know him better...(but I know I am jealous so I have to work on it....)

    I really should have been clearer in the earlier post and forgive me...for upsetting you....

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    Just thought I'd toss this in. As per the rules of this website, we're allowed to be snarky about the TV people. Even before they appear on the tube. It's each other that we're not supposed to be snarky to.

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    dfleming2: I did have a pretty cool mom. Growing up with someone that literally could turn heads was an interesting social experiment. You'd be able to be invisible, as everyone's attention was focused on gaining her attention, so it allowed you to see behind people's motives and into their true agenda. I remember growing up, and fielding the phone calls we got at home (because there was no such thing as Caller I.D.); the amount of MARRIED male calls that my mom got: from the town Banker; auto mechanics; my male teachers!!! There was always an excuse to 'talk' to my mom. I became her bodyguard, at age 7, until I moved out at 18.

    I became savvy pretty quickly to the unpublished 'down' side of what price a person has to pay, because they are naturally beautiful.

    And let's not forget women, who hated her on sight, because they some how believed that if my mom caught the eye of their husband, she'd be able to spirit them away, like a Muse. This doesn't say much for the image or insecurity of the other person.

    Being good looking shuts more doors in your face than opens them. So, if you have someone that decides to "even the score", yah, I suppose they'll 'work' their looks, for paybacks sake.

    museumguy: I admire you're openly admitting being jealous...bravo to you and Brownie points on recognizing this point. Be aware: I wasn't saying anything specifically to YOU; I used your quote because it was indicative of what I had read so often from other posters.

    Qboots: I'm fully aware that we're allowed to snark at contestants; My God, that's what I'm here for. But, it's one thing to say, "Yipes! Vampire teeth!" and another to say, "What a stuck-up air-head!" when we haven't had anything more than a photo or a 5 second sound bite.

    Prejudice is a wedge that drives us further apart, rather than uniting us.

    Illustrating a point: on Television Without Pity, the latest episode of C.S.I. generated countless slurs toward the victim: a dead nurse who enjoyed sex with multiple partners. She became known on the board as "Slutty nurse". Interestingly, NOT A SINGLE POSTER had ONE word to say about the married doctors that were blowing off their wives, to sleep with the nurse. It got so one sided, the board administrator, (like JOHN, here), called a moratorium on the 'Slutty Nurse" talk, saying that it increased stereotypes and prejudices against women and sexuality, in general.

    I so agree!

    So, what I was trying to do with my post, was to say, "Let's snark on what we kNOW as fact. Let's NOT be prejudice against a group of people (nice looking, in general) that have no other flaw, that we know of, then being pleasant to look at."

    But of course, Qboots, do what makes YOU happy.
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    Lambikins....I knew you were addressing everyone...and I honestly Blame the producers for emphasing the nerd vs hunk aspect of the two groups

    I will say this about the second show...Larrissa after her initial reaction seems to be looking for some connection with the guys she picks for the one on one dates...

    Not sure what it is with David Daskal....maybe she actually finds his jokes funny..but the editors left us with a reason from her for the second two...I bet she said something they edited out for him.....

    If she does the same with the Hunks, then she will have my respect no matter who she choses.....

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    Lamb, what they do on other sites has no bearing on how this site is run. Contestants are fair game for whatever reason, even something as silly as not liking somebody's shirt.

    You not wanting to bash someone until you know more about them is fine. But, realize that here it's also fine to bash just going by a picture, whether you agree with that or not.

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    quotes from hunks.

    Quote Originally Posted by lambikins
    ... to say, "What a stuck-up air-head!" when we haven't had anything more than a photo or a 5 second sound bite...
    We have had more than 5 second sound bites already from the hunks; e.g.:
    "We're going turn their island paradise into a nightmare."
    "We're giong to hit them like a torpedo, they'll never know what hit them."
    "When it's jocks vs nerds, jocks always win."
    "Yes, I am above you."

    Even if those statements are true, to state them so arrogantly reflects bad manners.

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    I was one to have gotten serious with a complete nerd - truly in every which way. Sci-fi addict, crooked glasses, bad teeth, horrible dresser you name it. Which was actually so unlike me. I went with the personality and the way he was able to make me laugh. But he had SO many issues about life and people and work ethic - was only making $9/hr at the age of 30 and thought that was 'okay' and me being the charity person that I am, fell for it.

    I was misled into thinking that nerds are better to be around because they are 'nicer.' They have just as many issues as any other person out there. Some know how to be successful, but some are like my ex, who was still mad at the way they were treated in life and can't make their life better.

    So, yes, call me shallow. But I've been there, done that.

    I was treated far better with a hunk that used to come into my workplace. I can still recall his sweetness - how he was willing to buy me lunch (instead of me paying!), had a drive, and knew how to make a girl's spirit glow. I don't think there's anything wrong with someone like dat!

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    i don't see why people just assume that if you're attractive you're some kind of jerk. on the last show it was demonstrated that the attractive guys (especially the chosen one) is just as nice as the rest of the average joes. behold, it turns out that the average joe was the one making the fat jokes about the girl when she was in disguise.

    i saw phuc and one other contestant from average joe on the today show on NBC soemtime last week- when asked who their ideal mates were they named jennifer love hewitt- these average joes are just as "superficial" as how we percieve the girl on the show. sure we assume that the beautiful are mean spirited, snotty, unintelligent, but there is an equal amount of "geeks" who are just as mean, snotty, unintelligent, and SUPERFICIAL.

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