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Thread: Reality "BASED" TV

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    Reality "BASED" TV

    On the People's Choice Awards, Reality Tv is now Called "REality BASED TV". I guess the producers of these shows know the fans are more sophisticated now, and we realize much of it is staged, and edited to make the show more interesting. I liked it better when I didn't know that many of the contestants had their own Websites;and many were in fact, actors! "Carrot Top David on AJ is just as annoying as El Cheap-o Allan on Queer Eye (who was a fake and was seen running around on The Restaurant).

    ACTORS SHMAKERS! Carrot Top David is making a fool out of himself, and probably ruining his chances of ever being taken seriously as an Actor! He is sterotying himself as the FOOL!

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    I believe this is covered in the site FAQ. If it's not, we know that it's not true reality. No reason to start a thread.

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