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Thread: One Mo. time on 'Joe'

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    One Mo. time on 'Joe'

    One Mo. time on 'Joe'


    What's in the water out in Missouri, anyway?

    Larissa Meek, who was crowned Miss Missouri in 2001, will star in NBC's "Average Joe Hawaii," a sequel to its popular dating show, "Average Joe" - which featured Miss Missouri's 2002 pageant winner and NFL cheerleader, Melana Scantlin.

    The second edition is set for Jan. 5 at 10 p.m.

    As with the original, "Average Joe Hawaii" will put together Meek and a mixed bag of gorgeous and not-so-studly suitors who each will vie for her affection.

    Like Scantlin, Meek said she didn't know before she signed on for the dating series that she'd be introduced to guys with faces made for radio.

    "I was surprised," Meek said. "It wasn't what I expected."

    The Hawaii crop of single men includes a 5-foot-3 engineer and a 340-pound sewage contractor.

    Executive producers Stuart Krasnow and Andrew Glassman kept secret the reality show's twist - namely that many of Meek's potential mates weren't model material - by taping it with her in June, months before "Average Joe" hit NBC.

    Producers also gave minimal information to the male contestants, telling them they would be one of 18 competing for a single woman.

    "The guys knew it was a dating show. Some of them actually are just so excited to be on. ... They just sign the rules without even looking at them because they almost want to be surprised even more than we're willing to surprise them," said Krasnow.

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    If I started in Maine..and walked halfway down the continental USA....then walked across the USA stoping at the mid point...I would be in Missouri...



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