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Thread: Spend New Year's Eve with Adam and Zach

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    Spend New Year's Eve with Adam and Zach

    If you happen to live in the NYC area, and want to spend the evening with Adam and Zach, I'm told they're hosting an event at Gotham Hall in Manhattan on that night.


    Of course, it's $150/ticket, but it's ADAM!

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    Gotham? Will they be dressed as Batman & Robin?
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    Even if it was free, I'd pass on this event.
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    All the people that were planning on welcoming in the New Year at Adam's bar Nectar will be disappointed if this is his only appearance.

    The invitation was very vague about who the guest hosts are. Maybe the promoters of the event have paid Adam and Zach to make an appearance. The party sounds like an event that was well planned at least a year ago.

    New York City is not on my party list this year.

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    Isn't Melana with Zach? I think Zach was perfect for her, the cheerleader and the jock. I think she goes after someone like Zach, big muscly neanderthalish guy.
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