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Thread: Sean P.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gypsy Rose
    Arrrg, I was out of the room and missed new SeanLite! So, he looked great? good for him!!!!! it for sure isn't an easy thing.

    He was really a terrific guy. Hope he's able to stay healthier, and may great things come to him.
    You can see loads of photos of him on the links listed above.
    Still crazy, after all these shears

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    Awesome, i was reading about his new restaurant venture.

    If we got any Philly FORTers y'all need to get on down to any of the places he is chef at and give us the lowdown!!!

    Cos i'm sure plannin on stoppin by if i ever get that way.

    Much kudos on his weight loss, i am SO hoping they do a reunion and show Larissa just what she cut in him!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veggieviewer
    i am SO hoping they do a reunion and show Larissa just what she cut in him!


    What will that prove? (that's a rhetorical statement BTW).
    "I come from humble grounds. I was never spoiled, so I know how to appreciate things given to me"

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    I was sorry to see Sean leave. He seemed to be a decent fellow. I'm glad he's managed to lose 70 pounds. Go Sean!

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    I liked Sean...it seemed to me his only real flaw was a lack on confidence during the show....great that he did so much self-improvement when he left......If Daskal could learn how to stand still I would say the same thing....Honest I would

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    Thanks for the clarification! You're right. In fact, I just bought and read one of the Adkins books a couple of days ago, and am going to start that program on Monday (company coming this weekend, impossible). Wish me luck! Congrats to you for your success. It gives me hope.

    Being educated about the way carbos convert to sugar and pile on the fat is another issue. I bet Shaun hasn't been educated about all this stuff. Anyway, he most likely is by now seeing as he has been on a program successfully since the show. I wish him all the luck in the world.

    You had a healthy background to relate to, I know I did not. Food and carbos and lack of motion were a part of my upbringing...and so it's going back to one's own comfort zone that is the easiest. Anyway, I'm glad you had great success, and I hope that Shaun and I both do too!

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