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Thread: Christopher N.

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    Well, he was a really sweet guy, but I can understand the boot. If someone is a huge fan of a something (be it lifestyle, movie, whatever) they generally need to find someone with a similar love of the subject. I, for instance, wouldn't have been happy with a husband who wasn't as enthusiastic about Star Wars as I am
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluegirl0914
    Hey I'm glad someone finally mentioned the Rock a Billy thing. I'm in LA and there are plenty of boys running around with that look.
    Yep, my daughter is in the Lindy Hop scene (currently she is San Diego). Everyone dances the 40's and 50's style dancing...it's kind of cool. Anyway, this look is a big thing in California and many big cities in other states. Very vintage. Even she said that Christopher's look needed fine tuning though (pompodour hair needs to be shorter, sideburns need work and the glasses he wore on the show are a good style for the look but way too big).

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