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    InTouch Magazine

    There's an article about Melana and Zach! Despite everything the producers tried to do to make him look bad(worse?), it looks like she really did fall for one of the "joes". If they hadn't manipulated things so much, perhaps the show might have been what the network proposed, even if Zach never thought he was average.

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    don't believe everything you read.

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    what did the article say about them?

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    she was seen leaving his ny apt and they speak on the phone alot---and that it didn't work out with jason

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    Yes, and I am the neighbor of Zach's friend's girlfriend who told me that Zach and Melana are in love.
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    I read the article too and thought it was interesting.

    Zach and Melena seemed to have a connection on the show.

    The article said Melena and the guy she picked ( forgot name) had been apart for 8 months and it was hard to rekindle the relationship. It said they has both been dating during this period when they could not see one another. They both said the feelings they has on the show were real. Just over. (Paraphased)
    Sorry I dont have the mag to quote it, but just saw it yesterday at the airport..

    They probably deserve one another!
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