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Thread: Adam Mesh on Squawk Box (CNBC)

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    Adam on Fox right now!

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    what was the Fox-thing about...? What did Adam say?

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    Quote Originally Posted by billyflynn
    Adam Mesh was just on CNBC's morning show (8:45 to 9:00) where he was greeted warmly. Adam was clearly the favorite of these Wall Street journalist and their disapointment in Melena's choice Tuesday night was no secret, calling Jason a "pretty boy" and questioning Melena's judgement and decency. Adam said the Average Joes were tricked into appearing, being recruited for a frat/party type series and never suspecting they were there for a dating show. He also mentioned sitting on the bus after his rejection, watching Melena and Jason sitting on the plane laughing it up right after she had set him packing. Adam was seriously questioned about his trading techniques and methods, and came across as a highly skilled professional.
    I love this show , and doubt that either Melena or boy-toy have ever watched it. I have a serious crush on Joe Kernen. (Oh wait I've just outed myself as a geek ).
    I hope Adam finds himself a nice girl with a brain. Hey wait was Maria on?

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    Yes Squawk is great, and when Adam was interviewed by Becky Quick I couldn't help but notice that she is WAY hotter than Melana. (so that that make me a geek? - hope so) Wall Street women can definetly compete with cheerleaders.

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