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Thread: Witness for the Defense: Why Melana chose Jason

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    Quote Originally Posted by croftchrism
    I think that the one thing people are missing is the fact that good looks are a great advantage in life. Things come easier for pretty people. Adam had to fight for Melana's attention, where Jason had to glance blankly at her, and she as infatuated with him. I think that is why most of us were rooting for Adam. Although he is rich, that wasn't a deciding factor until the end. Up until that point, he had already captured our hearts by doing everything he could to get the girl. Jason just didn't seem to care that much!

    Perfectly said.
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    I have to agree with most people in this thread that I was not that bothered by the finale. There are lots of good arguments here and finally I see some that share my point of view. I won’t go into it all but I have to say I am not going to judge Jason because he is "pretty" and living at home temporarily. Both guys had things going for them … granted Adam was more successful but if I took that and put Adam above Jason as a person then that is just as bad IMO. I found my true love in life and there is so much that goes into making us soul mates but what started it was an attraction like nothing else we've experienced. So she was more attracted to Jason...who are we to judge that? I personally know lots of people with many different lifestyles…some work full time and live on their own. Some go to school full time and live at home. As long as you are working towards a goal then I don’t see a problem with it. I know there are lots of people who judge that as well…I guess I just hate it when people judge others. I personally don’t think any of us have that right to say this person is better because of this. People work at different paces in their life and if they are happy then so be it. There… lol … now that I said I didn’t want to go into it and just rambled off a novel I basically wanted to say thank you to lambikins for bringing another perspective to the table.

    *carefully steps off her soapbox

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    Given the editors tendency to mislead us about everything and the relatively few minutes they showed of each character, it is really difficult to come to any dependable conclusion about any of these people.

    So I don't fault Melana, or even Adam or Jason.

    However, I do have an observation that I haven't seen posted yet.

    Considering that Melana's life has revolved around the importance of good looks--from beauty pagents, to professional cheerleader, to model (i think), to wanna-be tv hostess--it is unlikely that she could ever be happy with someone that doesn't share her compulsion for attractiveness. Her entire career is focused on outward appearances, and that undoubtly translates strongly to her personal relationships.

    So I think it possible that a "pretty girl" might choose Adam over Jason, but it seems impossible that a "career pretty girl" would do so.

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    Another thing to consider is....

    Adam was very successful in business at a young age as most of the geeks probably were. The reason for that is that they have nothing else to focus on while they are young because they aren't considered prom date material. Most of the "geeks" I knew in high school actually became quite successful as adults because they TRIED harder and had to just to be accepted. I was NOT a pretty girl cheerleader type but fell somewhere in the middle I guess, therefore I didn't get an easy ride in life but neither did I beat my brains out trying to get a little bit of attention.

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    Melana was more attracted to Jason than anyone else. The only one who came close was Zach and he lost out because of his reaction to Fat Melana (and his general arrogance).

    Jason is sweet, unassuming, and intelligent. He is working and putting himself through school to be a meteorologist and living temporarily with his parents. He and Melana meshed and were very physically attracted to each other. What on earth is wrong with that?

    Adam has it all (and his looks are okay too). He just didn't happen to be her type. And . . I don't think he was that attracted to her either. It seemed to me he wanted to win the prize that was Melana, not because he really wanted her.

    She picked the best man for her.

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    [QUOTE=aname]Adam has it all (and his looks are okay too). He just didn't happen to be her type. And . . I don't think he was that attracted to her either. It seemed to me he wanted to win the prize that was Melana, not because he really wanted her.

    You have a point there - I think a good part of Adam's motivation was to "win the game" -- I am an Adam fan so I am not saying that in a bad way. Obviously, from his career choice...he is a go-getter that likes to win. I think that he probably did develop feelings for Melana (who wouldn't develop feelings when you are thrown together with an attractive person of the opposite sex going on fantasy dates?). If Adam really stopped and thought about it though...if he had "won"...he would not have won Melana. Any hopes of a long term relationship would be unrealistic. Melana was one of the "beautiful people" -- Adam came in as the underdog (visually speaking) from the very beginning. The relationship would have been hopelessly unbalanced. I am sure that now...several months after filming...given time to stop the whole emotional high of the whole process (sorry, had to use that word)....Adam is thankful he didn't win Melana.

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