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Thread: Average Joe Finale - How Do You Solve A Problem Like Melana?

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    Great recap, Miss F.

    Far more entertaining than the show.

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    Haunted Lady
    Truly an excellent recap. I don't really like these shows but the recaps and forums are too good to miss.

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    As soon as Adam opened her gift of a photo (signed no less!) I knew he was a goner. I expected her to say, "something to remember me by..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by sugarlady
    I also thought that Adam was so much better than being put back on that tacky bus. It was also odd that the producers chose to focus on Adam's last words on the bus instead of ending with scenes of the beautiful couple frolicking on the beach at their romantic get-away. The editing of this show really made me wonder about the producers intent. Adam's constant narrating turned this into the Adam show. It was very difficult to feel any empathy for Melana or Jason.
    The whole point of the show is the focus on the Average Joe, this case on Adam. The point was never Melena. When it came down to an average Joe and the pretty waiter, Adam winning or losing became the point of the show. At least, that's how I saw it.

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    Great recap, Miss F. This was the first episode I watched, and I was relieved to see others were are disturbed by it as I was.

    An aside: anyone else know what melena means in the medical sense? I couldn't help thinking about it with how nasty she seemed to be treating both of them (playing them both). I just thought it was appropriate

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    I wouldn't really consider either of these guys "Average Joes". On the one hand, you have the pretty boy, and on the other, you have the rich guy. An "average Joe" wouldn't have striking good looks or a ton of cash. The whole thing was misleading if you ask me (which I know nobody did, but too bad. )
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    Miss Filangi --

    While I do find myself laughing often throughout your recaps, let me prick one very tiny hole in the bubble of affection from everyone who has posted above. I do think you could be charged with being just a bit full of yourself with this one -- though you would never be convicted by a jury of your readers. "How do you solve a problem like Melena" seems just a tad too cruel to me.

    One small item you overlooked--has Kathy every appeared so plain and ordinary? Perhaps it is just when compared to Melena. You could have had fun with that one.

    I'll just get my hat and be going now before the mud slingers arrive. :crybaby

    Happy holidays to all :santawave


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    No mud slinging from me Zeus.

    Actually, the title sucks. I couldn't think of ANYTHING at the time, so I just used it as a play on words from Sound of Music. (How do you solve a problem like Melana)

    I like Melana and I think the new AJ2 girl won't be able to measure up. Melana gave the guys a chance, but in the end, she was more interested in Jason. I don't fault her for that.

    She really was screwed. If she picked Adam, she's a gold-digger. If she picks Jason, she's shallow. What's a girl to do?

    I'm glad people enjoy the recaps and I understand if not everyone appreciates my sense of humour. I thank everyone for reading them. It's been fun.
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    Sorry but, I liked the title and especially the recaps. (Yes, I'm a big Sound of Music fan). You always do such a great job.

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    average joe

    They tricked us this time. Usually the loser come out first and they start to give this wonerful speech that leads to rejection. They didn't do that this time. When Jason came out I was sure she picked Adam but I was wrong.

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