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Thread: What is with the HORRIFIC grammar?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melsevene
    Did I miss something? Did Jason ever speak? Melana and I were so enthralled by his smile, his eyes, his face, I don't think either of us noticed...
    I vaguely remember hearing some murmuring coming out of those gorgeous lips, but I could be mistaken!

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    Speaking of poor grammar, several guys also said things like, "There's a strong attraction between her and I" or other instances of using the word "I" when it should have been "me."


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    Quote Originally Posted by Threshold
    Are Melana and Jason really this stupid or did they script it?

    Both of them said "Soandso and I's date......" They both made that exact same hideous grammar mistake. Can any real live human being with 2 brain cells really say that?

    This had to be scripted.
    I'm sooo glad someone else noticed that. It IS very common. I just moved to PA and had never heard that before, but I hear it a lot here. It's an overcorrection; people think everything is "So-and-so and I"- in the plural a la "Melena and I's date," as well as in the objective "...go with Melena and I." It's maddening...
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    Quote Originally Posted by krstlfethr
    Now, now, don't forget "connection"

    WAIT, you all forgot the most disgusting catch phrase coined by a reality show contestant: "You're so pretty". I can't tell you how many times I had to run to the bathroom upon hearing that!!!! UGH!

    Also, I think Adam was definately the better catch but birds of a feather flock together.... in this case- dodo birds. I was holding out judgement of Melena until the end. I thought she might choose substance over appearance ....but I was wrong; therefore, I don't feel guilty about the dodo remark. haha haha

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    What was with all this
    "This is our defining moment, this is our defining moment. This is our definning moment." Adam here is a picture of our defining moment as the boobie prize. You can keep it while I go off in a plane with Jason so I can make out with a pretty boy in a plane before I dump him too cause I'm a comitmentphobe looking for Mr Perfect.

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