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Thread: 12/8 Finale Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Melena couldn't in her right conscience choose Adam because their feelings for each other were not same. She couldn't reciprocate the same kind of feelings for him and that would have been unfair to pick him. The drink menu was great, but her reaction was similar to how she felt about John and his rock. I think the dates with him blew her out of the water. She couldn't reciprocate half of the things Adam did for her (his creativeness, his money, style). She was still cringing at his touch too. She and Jason are on the same page and into each other for the same reasons. Average Jane & Joe (Jason) should have taken the bus. Adam should have been the one on the plane ... she set him free to fly away.

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    Yuck! Average Joe 2 should be retitled "Downright Dorks!". They look like a bunch of losers especially the guy with the frizz who tried to kiss her and she was like....yuuuuckkkkk!!! There is a fine line between average and ugly...i think they crossed the line on this one. Poor girl, you really cannot expect someone to fall in love with someone who is aesthetically challenged because the reality of it, there should be some physical attraction to complete the whole package. Now if the girl is a chubby chaser, then that's a different thing.

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    Although I had been saying up until last night's show that I would pick Jason, I did change my mind based on what I saw last night. Did anyone notice that whenever Melana was with Adam, she was smiling, laughing, and glowing! With Jason, she looked like a half-starved wolf face to face with a slab of beef for the first time in its life! And when she make her decision, she really only talked about how good looking Jason was! And one other thing, I didn't think Adam was ahead of her in terms of feelings. He was trying to make her feel special and appreciated and if she doesn't understand that's what a real man will do, then she's the loser.

    I can see Melana and Jason sitting around, plotting their careers in Hollywood together. Too bad none of us care about seeing her again and he's only a pretty face, seems to be too shallow for anything other than modeling.

    No to AJ2. The ending spoiled any future viewing for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Threshold
    Hello..... All Melana ever had to say about Jason was he was gorgeous..... And she said it about 10 times a minute.

    That is shallow. That is not picking with your heart. That is picking with your eyes and your loins.
    So...the question is, which is more shallow...picking to please your loin, or picking to please your wallet... For whatever reason, she didn't feel attracted to Adam; she evaded his kisses.

    Dating and romance (and sex) aren't about fairness; it isn't a job interview. It's about desire, drive, butterflies in the stomach, etc... In that case, Jason was the only choice.

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    I'm not a Melana hater...I think she signed herself up for a really tough job...picking and/or eliminating really great guys. But, it really REALLY bugged me how she appeared to lead Adam on bigtime. Melana knew who she was going to pick before the one-on-one dates....but she gave Adam "little carrots" like the gift..."you are the only guy that I gave a gift to, Adam" And then there was the fireside session..."Adam, its so hard to be going from one guy to another...but with you I forgot it was all happening"....would someone grab my boots, we were knee deep in BS last night!

    I can't watch AJ2. It was really painful to watch AJ v1.0...v2.0 is not going to be an upgrade.

    I think they should retitle the show..."Please Humiliate me...Let me Be"

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    Seeing Melana and Jason together on the finale brings to mind the following exchange from Annie Hall:

    You-you look like a really happy couple.
    Uh, uh ... are you?


    Yeah! So ... so h-h-how do you account
    for it?

    Uh, I'm very shallow and empty and I
    have no ideas and nothing interesting
    to say.

    And I'm exactly the same way.

    I see. Well, that's very interesting.
    So you've managed to work out something, huh?


    "It takes grace to play the second fiddle well" - The Fall, "Strife Knot"

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    I give Malena credit for choosing the guy that she obviously liked. For that, I think she was honest. But, for liking him in the first place, when Adam had so much more to offer, I think she was incredibly stupid.

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    I have to say looks do matter to me

    I can't fault Melana for choosing Jason. He was more attractive to her, most likely lookswise.

    "The definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

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    At the end of the Movie...

    Rocky gets the girl...

    and he is a winner in life...

    I think thats why people were so upset by the waste of film that the Rocky sequence was here......

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    Quote Originally Posted by UnReAL168
    OMG!!! u have to be kidding me!!!!! did u not pay attention when Melana was listing all the qualities Adam had??!! she was going on & on about his ability to maintain a career & his social life AND was EXTREMELY FAMILY ORIENTED??! geeeez ppl...pay more attention some times! boo to Jason...hes needs to STOP raising his eyebrows all weird cuz they're getting stuck there! lol, it's the funniest looking face ever! he always looks confused...well....good luck to these 2..it's not gonna last...any bets? lol
    I did watch the show otherwise I wouldn't be posting here. Maybe if you used less "!" and "?"s I would take you seriously but it's not going to happen.

    Oh sure he can write poetry and be a comedian but he was never high my on favorites list. I didn't hate him either. He just seems like the kind of guy that spends most of the hours of the day at work and won't have any time spending it with the kids.

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