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Thread: 12/8 Finale Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by pink_princess
    Quite possibly one of the most repulsive things I've read here. Pray you don't suffer a disease that forces you to take steroids that fill you with fluid and retain weight or that you don't end up with any other condition or addiction that turns you into something that is "humongous" or "repulsive." Believe it or not, there are some people who can't help it and walloping them over the head with derision, scorn and an attitude that they're less than human is a hundred times uglier than just being fat.

    Danielle looked like a lot of American women do - better than some women even, since she still had decent clothing, hair and skin. I can't even say more because I'm just sick to my stomach.

    It was said elsewhere, but consider that Jason didn't make comments about Danielle because she was simply beneath his notice. As Malena herself found out, when you're overweight, it's not even that you're the brunt of jokes, but that you're totally ignored and treated like a non-entity. Why should a pretty boy like Jason bother commenting on a "humongous, disgusting pig?"

    I doubt Adam will have any trouble at all finding a real woman who'll love him. What troubles me is that I keep hearing that she had zero chemistry with Adam and seemed distant from him. So how on earth did he make it to the finals? Was that production-manipulation? He can't possibly have been the least of all the other Average Joe evils - she could have even kept Zach around, whom she apparently did at least have some connection with.

    I don't really care whom she picked, because I just doubt she was in this for any lasting romance anyway. Jason seemed nice enough, if a little lazy and arrogant. Adam was always clearly more than average too. Malena seemed to just be treading water with the Average Joes, only really showing a spark of interest when the hunks were added. Once she saw Jason, I don't think anyone else had a chance; she was so in love with his face and the way he kissed (and probably how they looked in the mirror as a couple) that she never pursued anything further with anyone else.

    I liked Katie Couric's offhand comment this morning on the Today show before Malena and Jason's interview. She said she was shocked that Jason had been picked because Adam had totally fooled her on Monday during the interview with the two remaining guys. She said, "Maybe he (Adam) really is the winner." I doubt she meant it the way it came out, but it was pretty funny and for Adam, true.
    I just want to say, Pink Princess, that you hit the nail on the head with this post.

    Basically.....Who cares! - it's a reality show, people, like you really think Jason and Melana were gonna get married and we were going to follow her around until they had kids, blah blah blah!

    She was all over Jason like white on rice, and it was obvious as heck who she wanted to see at the end of this show, and it wasn't Adam, no matter how sweet and wonderful and romantic and adorable Adam was (bc he IS!), it was all about chemistry. It's a shame, but that's the truth.

    Thank you for your candor!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lilbit0055
    I have to say that jason was more of an average joe than adam was. Yea jason may have been hotter but he was 26 a college student living at home and a waiter. Adam was 27 a millionaire that owned an apartment in new york overlooking the river. I mean how many average joes are there at 27 that own a million dollar company
    Amen! Adam was NOT an average Joe. He wasn't even *that* ugly, although his voice grated my nerves.

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    the reason that her decision seemed "superficial" was not ONLY because she chose the "pretty" boy...but also, and moreso, because FROM WHAT WE WERE SHOWN, there was nothing going on between those two that would have created anything other than a physical relationship. There were no real meaningful conversations...nobody put themselves on the line...no kind or thoughtful gestures other than to swap spit.

    Adam just seemed more real. The time they spent together seemed more substantial. No, I don't think Melana should have picked someone she wasn't attracted to. But I just couldn't SEE any reason that she would have picked Jason other than his looks...because that's all we saw, her talking about, or telling him, how "gorgeous" he is.

    At the end, she says that he is both sweet and gorgeous...the "total package" she calls it. It sounds like a kinda empty package to me. There are so many more levels to a person, and so much more that most people consider to be part of the "package". Maybe it's just me...

    I was not impressed by Adam's comments about Danielle. It was a definite example of poor judgement that did not fit with what we had seen and known of Adam to that point. However, what Zach said did not surprise me, or anyone else, because that type of behavior was true and congruent to what we had seen and known of him to that point. Whether you choose to admit it or not, there is a difference.


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    Am I the only one who was disappointed with the finale? There was no suspense the entire show. When it came on, you knew that she was going to pick Jason. Everything they showed Melania saying about adam was very general (ie. Anyone would think he was perfect) as opposed to Jason making her heart flutter!

    Furthermore, the more I watched this show, I wondered why they made Melania seem so vapid! Couldn't they have edited it so she at least looked a little more likeable????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quasi23
    There were many posts complaining about the Adam/Rocky analogy and how disapointing it was to see Jason win last night. You all need to rent the movie and watch it again..... ROCKY LOSES THE FIGHT!

    He goes the distance, but loses a split decision. As the decision is being read, Rocky is alone in the middle of the ring calling for his girlfriend ("ADRIAN!!!!") unaware of chaos around him. It isn't until the sequel that Rocky wins the title.
    DING, DING, DING, DING, DING, DING, We have a winner here. I can't wait for Rocky 6!

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    It was a good idea bringing in the hot guys
    If it was just the average joe's she would've had to pick one no matter what
    It would've never worked out once the show was over
    Plus, people that go on these type of shows probably want fame afterwards so this Jason guy would probably be dumped by Melana if someone say Colin Ferell, Eminem , Josh Harnett showed any interest in her

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    Im tired of people using the word "chemisty" to describe why Melana chose Jason. Believe it or not there are a lot of people out there who look at the whole package when choosing a romantic partner and believe that "chemistry" can developed over time as you get to know someone and what makes them special. Sure you want to be physically attracted to somebody but there is nothing wrong with Adam in that department. He is at worse on the upper end of average looks wise. Then you add to the fact that he is extremely successful and has a sterling personality it just does not compute to some that she would pick Jason over him. How long is a relationship based mostly on looks going to last anyway? Not very long. Most mature people consider the whole package when choosing. Malena is not a very mature person. Adam will do better though so its moot to even worry about it. I dont think Melana is a bad person just very immature and doesnt know what to look for beside good looks when making romantic choices. I dont think there is anything wrong with Jason either I just think he is a pretty face and nothing much else. Very bland personality with very little going on upstairs. In a way they are probably a perfect match.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starby
    While it was mostly fun to watch, the whole show was a social demonstration in hypocrisy. The Average Joes complaining that they never get a fair shake because girls can't get past their looks (although quite a few of them had some disturbing personality traits. As Melana would say: Red Flag!) Yet the Average Joes were all impressed by Melana's physical appearance. Would they have fallen all over themselves to win someone who looked like, well let's say Kathy Griffith. She isn't ugly, but she's not as physically impressive as Melana. Remind me, who's judging whose looks?

    And when the cute guys are on scene (except for the guy with the long hair wasn't all that cute) everyone assumes that they will be arrogant, and stuck up. Which turned out not to be true.

    On to Average Man Ho 2 -- please tell the producers there's a difference between average and downright freakin' ugly. Now, I'm not saying the ugly people shouldn't find love too, but this is turning too cruel. In previews, ya got an Average Man Ho crying 'cause the big bullies are being mean, and it's embarrassing him in front of the other guys and the pretty girl -- is this high school again? Can we keep a row of lockers in the big house, just big enough to shove the short Joe into it? Seems like we got loads of 'special twists' coming our way. Will the testosterone levels give us a few good fist fights to watch? Maybe some good ol' wet towel whipping on someone's skinny lil arse, near the lockers in the living room? Will the pretty girl recover from her initial bout of terrible rage and disappointment? Will all the fat guys be gone by the third show?

    Is that a lei in your pocket or are you happy to see me? Oh, it's a lei.
    Starby - catching up on the overnight postings and had to say how funny AND TRUE yoiurs was. Humiliation 2 - January on NBC !

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    I just wanted to strangle Melana for not realizing what a great catch Adam would be!! Instead she had to go for a 'superficial' relationship...

    we all know she's shallow, cause all that was keeping her from picking Adam was because Adam wasn't that good looking, to her, that is....

    to me, Adam was far better looking than the both of M and J combined... his personality just makes him shine even more!!

    Good luck to Adam and his future... (hopefully, more on TV)

    I think i'm going to have a case of Adam-withdrawal soon!! so bring him back NBC!! before i go nuts!!

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    I was very amused by the preview of AJ2....that beauty queen was raving furious when she saw the geek lineup! Dear God, these guys were GROSS! Especially the one with the flyaway frizz who is certain he's in love. This show is so pathetic, I think I'd rather watch a train wreck.

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