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Thread: 12/8 Finale Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I was hoping she would pick Adam, but Jason does seem to be a good match for her. I cannot fault her.

    The one thing that always bugged me: why didn't Adam shave his face? It's true that a good shave wouldn't make him as attractive as the pretty boy, but that's no excuse to look like a slob. I suspect that the producers encouraged him to "dress down" to keep up the conflict between the "average" and the "pretty."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Threshold
    No, she picked on looks.

    She and Jason did nothing but make out and have some very brief, superficial conversations- mostly about how gorgeous Jason was.

    Stop trying to justify it.

    Its ok because it is a happy ending. Adam will do sooooooooooo much better.

    how do you know that she picked just on looks. You weren't there so you have no idea what she truely based it on.

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    Ricki, I was thinking the same thing. The 5 o'clock shadow doesn't work with him.

    I feel really bad for Melana. If she picked Adam, people would assume she's a golddigger. If she picks Jason, she's shallow.

    We didn't see much of Jason's personality, but he seemed like a good guy, if not boring. Maybe that was intentional.

    In real life, people base their decisions on physical attraction all the time. At the very least, this show showed us why that's not always a good thing, even if Melana didn't realize it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss Filangi
    Excellent post! The twist was absolutely horrible. Why call the show Average Joe if he's not going to win? Why bother? Had they not introduced the new guys, this finale could have been much better: Zach vs. Adam.

    By 'following her heart' Melana looked incredibly shallow and I don't think that's fair. I doubt that the new girl will be as open to dating an average joe like Melana was. I do give her credit for giving the guys a chance. I think she really cared about both Zach and Adam, especially.

    Adam will be just fine. I'd love to see him on another show. When I first heard of AJ2, I thought he might be the bachelor.

    I have to say that jason was more of an average joe than adam was. Yea jason may have been hotter but he was 26 a college student living at home and a waiter. Adam was 27 a millionaire that owned an apartment in new york overlooking the river. I mean how many average joes are there at 27 that own a million dollar company
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    Quote Originally Posted by Threshold

    Danielle was a humongous, disgusting pig. They invented her to be as repulsive as possible.

    She was not average or above average. She was grossly obese.
    Quite possibly one of the most repulsive things I've read here. Pray you don't suffer a disease that forces you to take steroids that fill you with fluid and retain weight or that you don't end up with any other condition or addiction that turns you into something that is "humongous" or "repulsive." Believe it or not, there are some people who can't help it and walloping them over the head with derision, scorn and an attitude that they're less than human is a hundred times uglier than just being fat.

    Danielle looked like a lot of American women do - better than some women even, since she still had decent clothing, hair and skin. I can't even say more because I'm just sick to my stomach.

    It was said elsewhere, but consider that Jason didn't make comments about Danielle because she was simply beneath his notice. As Malena herself found out, when you're overweight, it's not even that you're the brunt of jokes, but that you're totally ignored and treated like a non-entity. Why should a pretty boy like Jason bother commenting on a "humongous, disgusting pig?"

    I doubt Adam will have any trouble at all finding a real woman who'll love him. What troubles me is that I keep hearing that she had zero chemistry with Adam and seemed distant from him. So how on earth did he make it to the finals? Was that production-manipulation? He can't possibly have been the least of all the other Average Joe evils - she could have even kept Zach around, whom she apparently did at least have some connection with.

    I don't really care whom she picked, because I just doubt she was in this for any lasting romance anyway. Jason seemed nice enough, if a little lazy and arrogant. Adam was always clearly more than average too. Malena seemed to just be treading water with the Average Joes, only really showing a spark of interest when the hunks were added. Once she saw Jason, I don't think anyone else had a chance; she was so in love with his face and the way he kissed (and probably how they looked in the mirror as a couple) that she never pursued anything further with anyone else.

    I liked Katie Couric's offhand comment this morning on the Today show before Malena and Jason's interview. She said she was shocked that Jason had been picked because Adam had totally fooled her on Monday during the interview with the two remaining guys. She said, "Maybe he (Adam) really is the winner." I doubt she meant it the way it came out, but it was pretty funny and for Adam, true.

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    if melana was just going after looks then why would she have kept Zach and adam after the new hot guys came in. i mean she got rid of the two hotter guys and kept the average joes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by psucashcow
    I clearly remember Melana commenting about how family oriented Adam was. Adam talked about can't wait to be a Little League Coach like his dad was for him. Melana met Adam's friends and co-workers. Where were Jason's family and friends?
    I think that Jason didn't put too much into his date with Melana--he just set up a date--that's all.

    You know, bottomline--Melana and Jason are very much alike and really into each other. That's it. When it looked like she might not pick Jason for a second there, I was shocked b/c I really didn't see her with Adam.

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    I heard Adam on the local radio station this AM and he is in very good spirits about the whole thing. He also mentioned that the whole Rocky thing was his favorite part of the show last night. He sounds as if he realizes that he has a bigger shot now to find someone special for him and will enjoy his 15 minutes of fame. He is really funny.

    As a side note, the one thing I did like about this show was the extended footage of their interactions together and it was not edited to death. ABC will hopefully take some notes, because the whole fireside chats and near emergency thing was hysterical.

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    I like Adam a lot, and I'm sure he can do much better.

    Honestly, though, if Melena would have picked him, I can imagine shouts of "she only picked him because he's rich" would have been the prevalent theme. I actually thought she would pick Adam, and was disappointed that she learned of his wealth before the ending.
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    There were many posts complaining about the Adam/Rocky analogy and how disapointing it was to see Jason win last night. You all need to rent the movie and watch it again..... ROCKY LOSES THE FIGHT!

    He goes the distance, but loses a split decision. As the decision is being read, Rocky is alone in the middle of the ring calling for his girlfriend ("ADRIAN!!!!") unaware of chaos around him. It isn't until the sequel that Rocky wins the title.

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