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Thread: 12/8 Finale Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I'm right there with ya

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    Quote Originally Posted by memphisredhead
    I'm glad Adam is still on the market!

    A quick call to a divorce attorney in the a.m. and then I'm winging my way to NYC!

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    HUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTT IIIINNNNGGGGG!!! She picked the wrong guy! I don't want to say it was about looks but thats because I really have no clue why she picked him. Adam and her seemed to have so much fun together and he always made her have a good time. Jason and her seemed to be two really stupid people together. Not knowing how to play checkers, I can see Chess because I don't even know how to play it, but they put it on the wrong colors! Come on! I don't get what Melana did but I know Adam will find some smokin hotty who is smart...I don't think Melana is all there. End my rant........now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by katiov
    She made her decision based on feelings and real attraction and desire...not on ulterior motives.
    I agree with you. Just because you are attractive doesn't mean that you don't have a personallity and aren't a good person. It is just that on T.V. Jason didn't seem it have much of a personality. Maybe Melana saw it differently. As I see it Jason and Adam would make good husbands and fathers. Melana jus picked who was better for her.

    With or without the job that Adam holds, Melana didn't look interested in him. Zack is the only Average Joe that had a chance with Melana. But he blew it by being a different person when he wasn't around Melana.

    Now some people are going to call me a ________ (fill in the blank), but looks have to factor into you decision. They cannot be the only thing. You need to take a combination of things into you decision in finding a mate. You have to be attracted to the person you are with.

    As for Jason still be in school and living with his parents. There is nothing wrong with that. Not every one needs to be married by 25, have 2.5 kids by 30 or whatever the numbers are. Some people take a little longer to decide what they want to do with their lives. Just as long as he is supporting himself and paying his way with he parents I see nothing wrong with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rab

    Although, of course, Jason could have said something degrading but it wasn't shown and we'll never know. Melana isn't shallow b/c Adam had the financial stability and she could've chosen him for his money. It wasn't just about looks she was thinking ahead of what could happen if she had a family with Jason. Adam didn't seem family-oriented at all. So yeah I do agree with you, Katiov.
    Thanks... And you're right, we don't know what Jason may have said re Danielle, but according to what bits we saw (albeit edited ones) Jason was the only one who didn't act like an a**hole. Maybe a more interesting question is, why are the attractive people less likely to tease Danielle than the "average" people? Maybe because the less attractive ones have more of a need to feel physically superior?

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    Who Doesn't

    Quote Originally Posted by Shelli4814
    SMALL? i have a BIG crush on him

    All my wife talks about if how cute Adam is. I am so glad that she chose Jason. He deserves someone way more meaningful than that stupid skeez.

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    damn show!!

    damn show just ruined my holidays!!! ARRRRGHHHH

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    Quote Originally Posted by bnisperos
    damn show just ruined my holidays!!! ARRRRGHHHH
    Adam better get his own FREAKIN' SHOW!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by a_canuck_01
    People are concerned about Jason kissing while Adam was in the bus.

    They could have easily spliced in the Jason kissing at the end to make up the drama. That wasn't clear at all that it occured at the same time.
    The jet left first. When the bus drove out the plane was already gone.

    If you still have it on tape or TiVO, watch again.

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    I'd have less of a problem with her choice if she spent half as much time actually TALKING to Jason as she did with Adam. At one point I got really tired of watching her kiss Jason over and over and over again.

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