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Thread: 12/8 Finale Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    have to agree they did make it look like adam was the favorite to win.

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    thank god he didnt win, now he can come find me

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    I don't think there would have been nearly the heat had she chosen Adam. He was the obvious choice, even BEFORE we knew he was a millionaire![/QUOTE]

    i think she would have gotten just as much heat from all the fans of jason. cause she would have looked like she was going after adams money

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    People are concerned about Jason kissing while Adam was in the bus.

    They could have easily spliced in the Jason kissing at the end to make up the drama. That wasn't clear at all that it occured at the same time.
    (Also they couldn't have Jason look out the window of the jet or Adam could have seen him and guessed what has happened before she told him.)

    I think they would interview Adam later on.

    You could see when they were flying in the
    plane they were in different clothes etc.

    Watch for those edits people.
    Reality shows veterans, are you with me?

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    Of course there was no way for Melana to "win" in public opinion - because she was never as affectionate to Adam as she was with Jason, and only warmed up after she found out that he has money AND likes to shop. But even then, Jason was always on their date with them because she'd rather be with the good-looking guy that she knew for like, a week. That's why it seems pathetic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sour_dude
    It seems kinda weird that they showed Adam pretending to be Rocky. With that you would assume that Adam was going to win.
    Yeah....I thought that too while it was playing. But these reality tv shows are tricky.... Later she told Kathy that she found a "diamond in the rough" which I was sure meant Adam as well.

    As far as Adam being Jewish, I really don't think that played a part in her decision. If she had made a stronger connection with him she would have just figured out a way to get around it.

    The only other overtly Jewish Joe I remember was Zach...and he got booted cuz he was a JERK!

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    unfortunatly we only see what the producers want us to see there could have been a lot that we didn't see. so we really have no idea what happened in those other times.

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    Alwaysangry....do you remember Brad?!? Deperation didn't exactly work well for him.

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    I watched the finale with friends, and we all agree we're totally disappointed that she didn't choose Adam, but ultimately we think he could do better (and Adam if you ever read this, I've got a friend who loves you! )
    Well, I hope Melana and Jason have a happy few weeks together pursuing fame and acting careers in Hollywood. Adam was awesome. She's an eejit.
    It's such a fine line between stupid, and clever. -- David St. Hubbins

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    who's brad? brad pitt....he got jennifer...

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