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Thread: Live in LA? Watch the finale with cast members

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    Live in LA? Watch the finale with cast members

    Sorry for the short notice on this. I got it on Friday, but I couldn't get to it right away.


    Tired of sneaking under the velvet rope for a peek at the likes of Tom Cruise or Russell Crowe? Then come see and chat with NBC’s “mavens of mediocrity,” the dearly departed “Average Joe’s” on Monday, December 8, 2003.

    Crew and spurned cast members Dennis, Jay, Brad, Craig, Marc, John, Clint, Michael, and Alex will be on hand for the NBC show’s finale party, beginning at 8 P.M., at the Cat N’ Fiddle Pub at 6530 W. Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

    The lads will learn with the rest of the country whether pretty boy and future weather man, Jason “blows away” Melana, or whether Adam’s “every day” charm prevails.

    Contestant Jay Greenberg noted, “If Adam wins this thing, it will be a clarion call to regular dudes worldwide. There IS hope for you, even if you can’t slice onions with your stomach muscles.”

    The contestants vow to give attendees the REAL dirt on Zach and to provide handy tips on a broad array of topics, including the proper way to break an egg over someone’s head, how to eat bean dip without any hands, and how to tell Cuba Gooding, Jr. from every other actor in Hollywood.

    “Originally, we were going to ask the shallow people to stay home. But then we realized that this is L.A. Nobody would come.”

    Dennis Luciani says, “For just one night in L.A., it won’t be about the ‘beautiful people.’”

    Brad Holcman adds, “It’s hard to “keep it real” in a city full of fake boobs, but that’s what we’re going to do.”

    John Baumgaertner says, “The greatest thing about this show is that now I’m nationally known, which means I can get rejected on a level I could have only dreamed about before.”

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    Does anyone plan to go?

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    I would have gone, if only I didn't live way up here in Canada

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