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    If there had been no Zach "character" on the show, who there would have been the "Zach" character? We all know there has to be someone who we can vent anger on; if not for him, would some of the off-key comments of the others have been looked at with disdain? If Zach had posed the "orgasm" qiestion, how many viewers would have sluffed it off, as it was with Adam, or would he be reviled for his insensitivity?

    If having an overweight girl be good enough for a lap dance, and nothing else is OK,if preferring to kiss Zach before "Danielle" is acceptable, it seems to me that Zach is not the only one who needs to learn a lesson, but all of us do.

    Some people can do no wrong, others can do no right. Is that really what this show is proving to us? The powers that be seem to be guiding the viewers to conclusions that they have predetermined,and we are all falling in line behind their lead. Something to think about?

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    Oh pahleze! We know where Adam is coming from. we know where Zack is coming from.
    Adam is a jokester, Zack is mean spirited. It like comparing apples and oranges. There are some similarities but no comparisions.
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    koolchik, you seemed to have already made the same assumption "...If there had been no Zach "character" on the show, who there would have been the "Zach" character? We all know there has to be someone who we can vent anger on; if not for him, would some of the off-key comments of the others have been looked at with disdain?..." then in the Zach thread you posted"...zach is not a jerk, neanderthal, "zackass" or anything like that, he is the guy everyone NEEDS to hate in order to see themselves as somehow better, nicer,more "real"--if any one of them were really real, would they be there at all?
    if there was no zach on the show, who would there be to b*tch about?...
    You might also want to think about why you make such general assumptions about the many viewers or the FORT posters. I can only speak for one viewer and you are very wrong in what you say.

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    ah, but you, too, speak for only one viewer and one point of view, to which you are entitled to, as i am mine.

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    Welcome Koolchik

    It is true that the editors of all these shows like to have an "evil" contestant to stir things up. In this case they got more than they could have dreamed of w/ Zach.

    On other shows that were not so fortunate, producers edited the clips to make one person look bad to manufacture some interest.

    So I think your question is valid, and your implication that they might have picked Adam to "fill the roll" is a reasonable guess. I suspect that the producers of these shows have so many clips of stupid comments that even the least competent editor could made any number of the contestants look pretty bad.

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    sorry, i miswrote. it is i who speak only for myself, and i mean not to disparage the viewers or the writers.
    reality tv is entertainment and not truly reality when everything we see is edited for us, censored for us and sometimes (i think we must admit) colored in such a way as to create opinions instead of letting us form them. but it's only entertainment, relief from the real-life pressures we all face daily, respite from the reality of our world.
    it's ok to have strong feelings for or against a character in a reality show, but i think we should realize that everyone plays a role, everyone.

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    For Eldee: Read Interview With Adam On Reality News Online.

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    If Zach had not filled the role of "bad guy", I think they might could have substituted Brad for that role. He came off looking bad anyways with some of the stuff they showed on tv. I'm sure they could have made him look worse by showing more remarks and playing up some situations more if they wanted to. You are right that every one of the shows seems to have a "bad guy character". In real life the person might not be that way at all. I think some of Zach's bad guy act was a defense mechanism.

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    It seems that many think Zach is the bad guy and Adam the good guy? Well I'm not impressed with Adam at all. I don't like his lewd comments about Malena and his hidden recordings were very insensitive. He has never appealed to me at all. Regardless of looks, Jason seems nicer IMO. Of course, there ARE probably clips that show both good/bad of everyone. Maybe we never saw clips where Zach was "nice"?
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