[QUOTE=k1w1]Now I think more about it, you're quite correct. Tho still it's hard to tell if it's really the exposure or trista herself that he's irritated by.... but my guess is because he's willing to go thru with the wedding he's more mad at the cameras than anything. Tho it could be the pressure of not wanting to look bad on national tv by neglecting his own "true" feelings until after the marriage [/QUOT It's probably more than just the cameras he's bothered by...have'nt you ever been around a guy who's about to be the victim, I mean groom, in one of these big-deal, super-fantasy, blow-out weddings? I don't think I've ever seen one that was the male's idea--I mean, the woman will be showing him flower arrangements , music lists, etc. and the guys are ok with just anything....by the time the big day comes around he just wants it to be [/U]over[U]! And with a million bucks to spend and all the attention, I'm sure poor Ryan has been at that point for months!