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Thread: romance and reality

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    ref guy

    romance and reality

    Hi everyone, I am new at this, so if this is old hash, forgive me.

    I have discovered that it is the romance that lure me to shows like AJ, JM, Bach... and that AJ has ZERO of it. Melana is so superficial, get rid of the fat guy first, date only the buffs after they show up, talk about how pretty Jason is,... The only guy with any romance potential on the show was John, and he was so over the top that he didn't have a chance. Adam has a chance but he will only get hurt if he tries. The zoo restaurant setting was nice, but there was no since of chemistry between them

    I realize that the NBC directors/producers influence this by there editing, but they need to learn from FOX and ABC. JM and JM2 both at least attempted to have romance. Hard to do with Evan, but they really tried to get us to fall for Zora. David and Linda have a chance to be my all time favorite couple. I routed for them from the beginning and was when she came back. It is hard to not hope their relationship makes it. Bob seemed to care about the final four, or at least was edited to, even though we know he is not ready for any relationship more than a fling. Andrew/Jen & Trista/Ryan have a serious chance at long term relationships. Even the Kissing Bandit on CBS has a better chance for romance than Mel and company.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ref guy
    Even the Kissing Bandit on CBS has a better chance for romance than Mel and company.
    I think you're right, ref guy. I haven't seen a single hint of sparks between Melena and Jason or Adam. Sure she likes kissing the pretty boy, but that's as far as it goes. Her efforts to show some kind of romantic feelings towards these guys seems so fake, imo.

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