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Thread: a big disappointment

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bojado71
    I have to admit to really liking this show in the beggining and now still do watch it and do like it, but overall feel like this was a potentially great show that got away due to one critical error. That error was in the choice of the female. As soon as I read that she was a former "Meet My Parents" cast member I lost 75% of my interest in this show. It was obvious that this dime a dozen blond was on this show for the sole purpose of furthering her acting career. Of course just about everyone who appears on these shows is an attention grubber, but to have someone who already appeared on a show designed to find her "True love" really makes it difficult to root for her this time since it seems so put on. Aside from her baggage, she was even too dumb to follow the premise of the show and after keeping most of the fat guys past the first elimination, eliminated all of them in one fell swoop. By doing this she not only proved how dense she was, but also dropped the entertainment quotient of the show tenfold since most of the fat guys were also the most interesting.

    So this actress wannabe makes believe she is interested in a real relationship, the show becomes more and more formulaic and what could have been a wonderful idea becomes yet another in a long line of forgetable dating shows that are already recycling the talent.

    I will absolutely watch AJ 2 in hopes that the producers learned from casting a "Pro" and instead go for a real girl who is not always "on".
    Melana was on "meet my parents"? Let's probably why she looked so familar to me the first time I saw her on Average Joe.

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    She was the one with the most disgusting parents ever. (The fertility clinic )

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    actually Eny, the fertility clinic parents were the Carlsons, not the Scantlins. We've got recaps of both in the Meet My Folks archives.
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