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Thread: Rich Joe?

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    Rich Joe?

    Anyone else notice the difference between the careers of the original 16 "Joes" versus the careers of the "hunks"?

    Is this because they overembellished on the first sixteen, or because they underembellished on the last three?

    As it stands you could hardly call this show Average Joe. They should call it ugly guys with good jobs.

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    Im not sure you can call it ugly guys with good jobs either. None of the guys that were left after the first couple of rounds were ugly by any but the most ridiculous standards. You would think the world was filled with nothing but ultra beautiful people if guys like Adam, John,Zach, Tareq were to be considered ugly.

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    Well ok, how about average looking guys with great jobs?

    I was going somewhere with that though, How many 21 year old professors do you know? Do you think that they set it up so that she would have to choose between an average looking guy with a great career and a great looking guy with an average career?

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