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Thread: i think i know who the winner is now (SPOILERS)

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    Because we all know that money trumps looks! It's in the big book of Reality Show rules!

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    Adam kinda grows on you (I've had a hard time getting over the teeth and if he has $, maybe he should spend some on orthodontic work) and maybe the $ thing will tip the scales in his favor, although I agree that him being rich kinda takes him out of the "average" category.

    As for Jason, well I disagree with most here. I think Jason is very attractive and there is something I really like about him. He doesn't seem to be stuck on himself or think of himself as better than the AJ's he came in to compete against. He's never acted like he has it in the bag because of his looks. On the other hand, I wouldn't be surprised to find out he's gay or bi-sexual. A good-looking guy who seems very kind and who isn't hung up on himself - that just doesn't happen!

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    $$$$ + Adam=Melana

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    Just a hunch, but I think it might be Jason who wins. In the previews for Monday they show Malena looking up at someone saying, "I think you're amazing." To me it sounds like that would be followed by a big ol' BUT.
    And since she doesn't have to look UP to gaze into Jason's eyes...

    And that's all I got. Except that I do hope Jason wins, dubious as the prize may be. Adam weirds me out and I don't really understand all the grassroots love he gets. He's practically drooly! He's never made me laugh either. Maybe it's just me, if everyone else loves him. It's like Kelly Jo - I didn't like her a bit and never understood the adoration. She bugged me hardcore and so does Adam to a lesser degree.

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    I think she is very attracted to Jason, but the show is all about "average joe" so, I don't think she wants to appear shallow and will pick Adam, but wish she could pick Jason.

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    I have a nagging suspicion that Melana knew Adam had money before this home visit. Melana and Adam have spent time alone together, and the editting only shows us a very small portion of that time, and they wanted this money thing to be a surprise. I don't think Adam bragged about his financial situation, but it's not too difficult to figure if someone has money just from casual conversation, little things add up. Favorite restaurants, favorite sports/season tickets, things like that. Plus there is the clothing aspect. Adam doesn't dress up obviously, he seems a down to earth kind of guy, but I doubt he shops at the local Wal-Mart. He likely wears clothes with more expensive labels than the typical middle-class mid-twenties guy, and let's face it, that's the sort of thing that Melana is definately going to pick up on.

    Adam seems like a nice guy, but certainly doesn't fit Melana's type, like Zach and Jason are. There were other nice guys she sent home, so why keep Adam? I think she has known for a while, though likely she didn't know exactly how well off Adam was, just that he wasn't hurting for cash in the least.

    Melana obviously has fallen for Jason, the question is, which is a stronger pull for her, a nice guy with lots of money, or a nice looking guy without money.

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    I'll add another .02 cents: I'm thinking she'll go for Adam for the simple reason of status. She won't be going to any parties in the Hampton's if she chooses Jason. Unless, that is, it's a birthday party at the local Chuckie Cheese.

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    Before they showed the snippet of Adam showing Melana the Fortune Magazine cover on his wall I would have bet she would choose Jason. She is most definitely physically attracted to him. She's no Einstein, so that was a no-brainer. But, because this is a TV show about the Average Joe, I'm now thinking she chooses Adam and it certainly doesn't hurt that he has money.

    I took a good look at the companies listed on the cover and had hoped I could find out more information about which one he might be affliated with, but couldn't get any farther. I don't know anything about his professional life, but obviously he is either a founder, top executive, or major shareholder in one of those companies on the Fortune cover (think it was Fortune, might have been Forbes), it seems so long ago right now.

    If he is wealthy, that does take him out of the "average" category. I know plenty of fugly men married to beautiful women ... and none of them are poor, lol.

    Besides, she is smart enough to know she will receive better PR picking Adam, and isn't it all about her image, this is probably why she agreed to do this show in the first place ... she wants to raise her public profile.

    It's not like she has to marry him, she can choose him and dump him in a couple of months and date Jason if she likes. Of course, that would be after getting some bling and other gifts from Adam, haha.

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    Rooting For Adam!

    Hi All,
    We're rooting for Adam here in Sunny Arizona! Have to say we've enjoyed this silly show more than any of the other reality series! My Mom, sister, niece and I all gather each Mon. night to have dinner and watch and dish! You should hear my 78-yr. old Mom give some of the guys hell! She is so hoping it's Adam. It's been a great weekly release for us, especially since my dear Dad died last month. So thank you, NBC, for that! Haven't seen anything on the web about who really won--sometimes there are sightings! Maybe that means they didn't stick together? Agree with those of you who said Kathy needed to be on more--they made her way too kind!

    Anyway, looking forward to the finale and to reading the posts here afterwards!

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    I think Adam will "win", what exactly he gets in uncertain.
    No guarantee of a relationship with Melana even if she does choose him.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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