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Thread: Jason

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    I liked him and I thought he handled the 'just girls' question like a pro. Most guys would have been offended. (Think Zach)
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    I bet he handled it well cause he's asked that all the time.
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    I thought it was a rather odd question to be asking in the framework of the show. Odd too that they'd choose to show it.

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    I was trying to figure out who Jason reminds me of...finally figured it out. Actor Michael Biehn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by croftchrism
    I have a theory that NBC has told the hot guys to not be so nice, so that if Melena picks a hot guy, the audience will know that she goes for looks over personality. Thus, I am guessing that Jason's comment for the camera are to satisfy NBC, and he is not quite as stuck up as he sounds... But I could be misleading myself!
    Interesting theory croftchrism! I want to believe it, because I thought Jason looked like a total dolt after last night's episode. Hmm..guess I go for looks over personality since I still got gushy when he was on the screen...

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    In the normal timeline, Melana picks Zach, who have children that grow up to create Skynet and destroy the world. A lone weatherman/warrior is sent back in time to join Average Joe and sabotage the relationship, in hopes that Skynet is never created. The lone warrior disguises himself as an actor/model, and suggests to the show producers that they dress up Melana as her fat cousin and secretly film Zach's reaction, thus letting Melana know that Zach is truly an ass. The plan works, Melana ends up with Adam as the lone warrior must return to predict the weather in the now-unknown future, and Zach ends up never having children, having ruined any chances of ever dating again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christine
    I was trying to figure out who Jason reminds me of...finally figured it out. Actor Michael Biehn.,...
    Ooo, I always liked Michael Biehn.

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    But was Jason serious when he said his goal was to be a weatherman and change his name to Jason Storm? If so, he's a perfect match for dumbbell Malena who dumped the good guys (remember the chiropractor and the policeman) on the first show and made me cringe when asking Jason if he was "bi". She's so hard to care about that it makes the show difficult to watch.


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    I think Michael Biehn is better looking--less delicate--than Jason.

    Unless Jason has a degree in meteorology (or is working on one), he's an idiot. Who aspires to become a weatherman unless you're really into weather?

    I thought he did well with being asked if he's only into girls. Melana could have gotten at that question in a much subtler way and gotten her answer. Maybe he admired, or just wasn't offended by, her directness.

    I don't get the impression that he's acting not nice when talking to the camera/interviews with producers. He's a bit judgemental with the other guys when she's not around. I don't think he's a nice person.

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    eh he might be a little judgemental, but look at zach-he's the definition of judgemental-i think alex/jason were right on cue with all the things they said about zach. loved how alex was giving was it john some tips lol.

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