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Thread: The New Guys

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerome Morrow
    If one of the Average guys is picked, it's simply because the producers sat her down and told her to or she would forgo the cash and the co-host on NBC Sports position if she picked Good Looking Guy.
    Two months from now, she'll be dating one of the beautiful people, and won't care less about what anyone says, as long as she gets her green and airtime.

    Even though, I haven't watch all the episodes, that's the same feeling I get. If she picks the average joe, it will seem like the show is scripted and even if Melena was trying to not come off as being shallow by picking one of the average guys, I doubt that their relationship would go beyond friendship. For the average joe's sake, I hope I'm wrong, though.

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    I'm trying not to judge by the cover either but to me new guy #3 is very icky....worse than lots of the original "average Joes". After his introduction he kept twisting his mouth in a very strange and off-putting way. From the preview it appears that the big attraction would be that these men are younger and have been spending time in the gym...at least one is way too thin for my taste though. I agree with the other posters....I would like to see Adam win....he seems to have a sweet personality and likes to have fun...Zach seems like every has been jock and frat boy I've ever seen...Ithink Melana will keep him because she is used to football players etc, guys with that kind of attitude.

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    I just re-watched the show where the "limo guy" showed up (the first show).

    I'm almost certain that "limo guy" and "new guy" are not the same.

    Has anyone found out for certain if these are, in fact, the same guy? I don't think they are......not that it really matters, but I thought I'd point it out.


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    Quote Originally Posted by mbcrowder
    I believe he said, "Keep it together" under his breath. I thought he was talking to himself though.
    I have to say, I thought he was talking to himself also.
    And my 2 cents -
    The last new guy that came in was so ugly he wouldn't even be considered average in my book.
    I think Jerry and one of the guys she sent packing the first night (can't remember his name) were the best looking of the bunch.
    Zach makes my skin crawl and there is no way I would ever allow that disgusting jerk to kiss and paw me.
    This chick is so shallow and is only trying to make the best of a vicious joke, because her movie career would never take off if she threw a hissy fit and demanded to be let out of the show after seeing the Average Joes.

    Okay Zach fans, let me have it....

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    We KNOW these pretty boys are just thrown in so we'll root for the "average" ones. (or, they're there to make Melana look bad when she picks one).
    I agree that Zach will be the ultimate loser in this. Adam's edge is that he's funny and genunine, John's is that he's smart and sweet, but all Zach's got is that she's physically attracted to him. Now he isn't the best of the average. Although he is the baldest of the average....
    It's such a fine line between stupid, and clever. -- David St. Hubbins

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    My guess is the producers have coached Melana well that picking one of the average guys is the way she will come off looking the best. It will come down though to one of the average guys vs one of the super hunks in the final 2(which will be the ultiment sign that this show was scripted).
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    Quote Originally Posted by fluff
    The third guy doesn't look quite as ugly in the shot above as he did on the show.
    I hate this twist with a passion.
    Complete cop out.

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    well, all i know is that i'm in love with jason, new guy #2. i rewinded AT LEAST 5 times to see his beautiful face in the intro. ok sorry about that. and him and melena kiss on the first date!!

    that was my first episode of AJ. i just was curious about the twist, and sure enough it WAS what i thought it was. haha cmon nbc let's get it together.

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    Melana doesn't strike me as the type that wants to support a young husband or boyfriend that is still establishing himself. These guys would be real threats if they had some strong career and life experiences. Adam seems like the most well-rounded of the remaining guys in terms of interests, career, and talent.

    I also was turned off when the third guy Alex walked in. He reminded me of a Ricko Savvy type or what some folks call Euro trash. But after reading his bio he seems to be the nicest and most down to earth out of the three guys. He also seems to have the most regular work hours. I guess you can't always judge a book by its cover.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 13 times
    They are up on the website now:


    Bachelor #1-Evan Marriott for his next 15 minutes
    Bachelor #2-wasn't he in some boy band?
    Bachelor #3-Reeko-swave' baby. I swear I'm expecting to see a gold chain around his neck. Yuk.

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