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Thread: 11/17 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by miabelle
    YES! I totally agree! At this point, I'd rather see Zach end up with her than one of those bozos... I am SO hoping that she doesn't dump the Joes becauseof these new guys. IMO, that third guy is just SQUICKY! I'd take any one of the Joes over that guy. Personally, I don't think this was a fair "twist" at all. It ruins the whole premise of the thing. Well, we'll see what happens, but from the previews, you can already see signs of what happens. :mad:

    You are so correct. I also do not think this is a fair twist. Come on now we don't even know what kind of show we are watching any more. I have to say this one had been one of my favorites compared to Boob Bachelor Bob - which I don't watch anymore.

    Now I am wondering what the hell these people are doing.
    Can't wait to see what happens next.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cutechick111
    Uggggh is it just me or did this show just go down the hole?? I can agree with everyone, Jayson is really hot, but is that all this shows about? IT seems like they just made The Average Joe to make it seem like your average guy off the street isnt good enough to get a beautiful great girl. I just lost alot of respect for this show. Now it seems like Adam, Zach and John have no chance at all, well maybe over mystery man #3! I just really liked the way this show was going until they added in 3 physical appealing guys. They shoulda just started out that way from the beginning, just like all the other reality shows. This sucks!!! Am i the only one who feels like this??

    Yes, yes, yes! I will continue to watch at this point because I'm emotionally invested! haha... but for me, they sort of ruined the whole premise of the show, unless by some miracle, Melana keeps the Joes around. I wasn't that impressed by any of the new "hotties" - that third one is positively gross! - and I really hope that she at least keeps Adam around. Zach's true colors will shine through (as someone said before), but Adam just seems like an all-around good guy. Guess we'll have to wait and see, but I'm mad as hell at this turn of events.
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    Quote Originally Posted by museumguy
    I hope the show producers gave the average joes some sort of handicap with this new twist...like one guy is gay....another only speaks Armenian and the third works for the russian mob....even so Melania of the looks don't matter was soooooooooo obviously smitten that it wouldn't matter if one of them was a convicted felon....but may I remind you looks don't matter
    THIS IS PRICELESS! LOL! I hope so, too, museumguy!

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    It seems like nobody pointed this out but i loved that expression on Kathy Griffin's face just before the new guys came it, she had the look of the devils, like boy we are going to f--- you guys over

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    I bet only one of the new guys stays on after next week. "Jason" will replace Zach, and stay on with Adam and John.

    Zach will be gone because he's no longer the token good-looking guy, and will be replaced by an actual good-looking guy. Adam and John will be kept because she actually likes them.

    Then it will be Adam vs. Jason in the final. Go Adam.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joejoe
    In a radio interview this morning, John said he DID blow the quiz because he thought all the remaining six guys should have a chance to have a date with Melana. Brad hadn't had one yet. ....John said in the interview that he only answered the questions correctly when the questions were about National Lampoon Vacation and John Hughes movies, because you don't kid around when it comes to classic cinema.
    at the classic cinema bit. I knew I liked John! And I'm glad his generous impulse was rewarded...with Brad behaving like an evil idiot.
    It's such a fine line between stupid, and clever. -- David St. Hubbins

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno
    Adam reminds us (at home) of Keith from Paradise Hotel. LOL The bigger version, of course.
    We both thought so Maveno in Adam's thread! I like Adam almost as much as John after last night's episode. Zach is still a big jerk. (although he did look nice in his bathing suit)

    As far as the three new guys. Limo guy Mike is cute, but not my type. Jason is H-O-T hot. He looks soooooo familiar though! And the third guy, whatever his name is, is just plain nasty in my opinion. I like this twist. I think it is meant to test Melana (duh), which probably means she wants more money for doing the show now

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    My Mindless Ramblings...

    Bear with me, my mind is going through Reality TV Overload (RTO). I really wish these new guys or Malena would really say what they're looking for in someone. I mean, we ALL want someone who is: funny, caring, honest, loyal, yada yada yada....I puke everytime I see a prettyboy or prettygirl talk about how they don't care about looks. Here's a clue Malena: you've probably been approached by a hundred "Average Joes" in your lifetime but never gave them a second look because beauty means more to you at first sight. As for the new guys, I laughed when I read their bios. Nowhere does it say their looking for a hottie, which, as we all know, is what they're really trying to say. It should really read something like this:

    "I'm attracted to a loyal, honest, family and career oriented girl....oh, and by the way, she's gotta have a smoking body, cash and be a nymph in the sack...but if she doesn't have loyalty, honesty, family and career in her priorities but still has a smoking body, then I'll take her anyways."

    With that being said and moving on to the other subjects...I think Zach will finally show his true colors when Malena is around now that he is in competition with the studs. I disagree with whoever said that Zach will defend the "Joes" if the studs start picking on them. I think he will jump on the bandwagon. However, I really don't think the studs will even pick on the "Joes" because they are too pretty to even take the time to care about the other's.

    The consensus at work and with friends is that Malena will end up with Adam. I agree as well. He may not be the most polished of the group, but he seems genuine and sincere. Besides, good looks might get you in the sack, but the studs are all waiter's or students and if Malena is looking to settle down, then maybe she should pick someone who is already established.

    Ok, done with the rantings...thanks for reading, next time I won't write so much.

    p.s. thanks for making me feel welcome at the FORT, this is a great site and I look forward to adding my comments when the need arises.

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    Quote Originally Posted by speedbump
    be a nymph in the sack

    next time I won't write so much

    thanks for making me feel welcome at the FORT

    Don't worry about long posts... Sometimes it just takes a little more space to explain all of your thoughts. No big deal.

    Glad everyone's been kind to you. I've found that this community is very accepting of new members, and rarely misses a chance to welcome them. Welcome to the FORT. : )

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    speedbump, great to have you here!

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