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Thread: Melana walks off the set of Average Joe

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    you can also add blush to that list. They are in the presence of a woman that they KNOW they wouldn't approach under normal circumstances (well except for Zach he seems to think he's god's gift)
    The kind of excitment that would cause would also include sweaty palms, red hot blush and stammering, broken sentences. Add to that, alcohol, being tired (the sun saps your energy), sunburn and the heat of compitition.
    Roseacea? it didnt take long for speculation to make the leap to a medical condition. The FORT seems to be over run with medical specialists.
    "Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."

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    Malana not shallow

    I think someone is playing a cruel trick on her. You can't blame her for reacting, and she has been so honest. Who else would have the courage to call that bald guy a jerk on nat TV, and she didn't have as much to go on as we did, so that was a good call. She must be quite perceptive.

    She probably just walked over to her own set.... Reading Between the Blinds.

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    Limo Guy

    That was strange. I paused my VCR at that point, and he had this look in his eye like he didn't really like her. It was in between smiles.

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