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    John's Mom
    Quote Originally Posted by lambikins
    2) Much has been made of the various incognito 'actors' (Dennis/Tareq) and whether or not they played to the camera. However, John is IN the visual arts and having watched this last ep, I feel that I was 'played' more by him than any one.

    I feel because your impression of John was at least colored a little by something I posted on this site, I need to respond to this post.

    It is very difficult sometimes to watch how aspects of someone you know, love, and respect are shown under a bright light to be ridiculed or admired by the casual observer. I will answer to the best of my ability a few questions that have been brought up here and elsewhere.

    1) John was not acting, He did not have a part he was playing. Because of a tendency on John's part to over dramatize and goof around, there was much fodder on camera to use for the show. In a way, I wish I could say that he was acting, because there are certainly some things shown it would be nice to distance himself from by saying that he was just playing a part. Unfortunately, John came off looking needy. But everything he did and said, he did and said as himself.

    2) John has never seen a reality show, and was not censoring himself on what the proper reality protocol is. If he felt something, he said it, if he was upset, he cried, if he was smitten, he threw kisses. That's John. He's not Joe cool.

    3) The playing around with his look bit. When John interviewed for the "Life of the Party," he had a full beard, bushy hair, and was wearing the glasses. He did not "nerd" himself up for the show...that is what he looked like. I myself was amazed at how good he looked in several of the shots.

    4) John is not an actor, his interest has been always to work behind the camera, but he finds himself in a position where he might be able to gain experience behind the camera by appearing in front of the camera. And I guess he's going to go with it.....It's almost a cliche, "I've been on a reality program, so I'm moving to LA to go into acting...." But you take your opportunities as they come.

    If you dislike John because the guy on the show was a nebbish, clueless geek. Well, we can live with that. But you weren't being "played."
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    Go John's Mom!

    -Digital-Grrl :new

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    FORT Fogey lambikins's Avatar
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    Nov 2003
    John's Mom: Thank you so much for your reply, especially on a National Holiday.

    The impression of being 'played' was not mine alone, but of all my Couch Buddies (4 total) that watch this show together. Between the various interviews, post-show, and other speculations read HERE, it appeared that John was 'cast' in the role of Nebbish Geek, much as has been postulated with Dennis and his head shot of GeekMaster 2000.

    I like that you can love John and yet still be candid about him; obviously, he was raised well and lovingly by some sound people.

    Your insight fills in the inevitable gaps that happen when we only get to see what is aired. Thanks again for your leading by example.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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    i dont really like to watch reality tv

    im pretty shallow, and will only watch if there is some hot guy to watch for. so when i heard about "average joe" i got pretty upset at the idea, and like my sister felt bad for the guys but i wanted to watch it anyways, at least the first show to see how it was.

    and then John came off the bus...and i was completely blown away. i thought, "my god! how can they think he is average?" if anything, John is the hottest guy ive ever seen on any reality tv program. he's the reason why i even watched the show. and was pretty pissed that they made it seem like he wasnt some hot guy. the whole point was "personality" and not looks. but to me, John had both! he was the best catch of the whole group.

    i even made my sister laughed when i told her, "if i was that girl, i wouldve just took John's hand and say 'okay, thats it. ive made my choice. we're going now. bye.'"

    i hope John finds this website, and realizes that there are some women out there who would love him for his mind and body. well, maybe for the body a bit more. i know im only 19yrs old, but he just seemed like a dream. there should be more guys like him in los angeles, ca.

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    so i never saw John's last episode on the show. that was this last monday and i had gotten sick over the weekend and that tuesday i have class all day so i needed my rest and went to bed around 9pm. (which may not sound that early to some people, i usually go to bed around midnight and get up at 6am.)

    well, so i was reading this other thread about that show right now. and gah, i cant believe i missed it! did John really sing? that is so incredibly cute! how could she not just loved that? and he gave her a gift of his songs. i mean thats just rocks.

    oh and i couldnt believe this when i read it! "The next day, they all assemble for a day in the pool. Alex tries to befriend John and tries to give him suggestions on how to improve his appearance. John is having none of it and insists he’s fine the way he is." who does alex think he is? trying to tell him how to improve his appearance, if anything John should give him suggestions! im glad John said he is fine the way he is. he shouldnt want to change anything about himself, especially for just some girl. he's perfect the way he is.

    i read that some people on here thought he came off needy, but to me, i thought he was the sweetest person on there. the week before when they were doing that movie challenge thing, i mean i couldnt stop laughing cuz to everything he said "cuby gooding jr" (i think thats what it was...) lol.

    anyways...i think john is perfect. and im glad he didnt end up with the girl. he's too good for her, if she cant see how amazing he is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avg John's Bro
    This is John's bro. I, too, am in the rock band The Baum Squad . I play guitar. John sings lead vocals, plays the drums, and writes the songs. Oh, he also designed and built the robot uniforms.

    Our family name, Baumgaertner, comes from Germany (it means tree gardener). The "ae" is in there, as the original spelling had an 'a' with an umlaut on it. (Two dots above it. Think Mötley Crüe, Motörhead, etc) Anyway, Justin Baumgartner's family is Swiss. So I guess that's why the spelling is different (though our spelling is certainly the less common of the two) John and Justin were in the same grade, and good friends. By sheer chance, one day we all came together and formed a band, without ever having played our individual instruments. Within 2 weeks, we had written 3 or 4 pretty rocking songs, and booked a local show. We started with the name "Spoon" only to find out, a year or two later, that there was a band making it big with the same name. We opted to drop the name and move toward something different. "Thunder Sauce" was a serious contender, but we couldn't ignore the oddity of our last name similarity. Thus The Baum Squad was born. And the rest is history.

    That was 9 years ago. We rocked Japan in January of 2002 (or Japanuary, as we called it). The video that was linked in this thread was sent to Japan to gain support for a "Robot Rock Invasion!" It worked, and we toured for 4 weeks from Tokyo to Osaka. Highly recommended. It can sometimes be a Japain in the arse, but the experience is certainly worth it.
    hey that sounds so kool. i actually went to the website and downloaded the songs. their awesome! i cant believe you didnt know of Spoon, their kinda known in the indie music world. their good i like 'em. do you know when you guys might tour again? it'd be awesome if you came out to los angeles.

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    I totally missed that People magazine. Does anyone have a copy? I would love to see & read it!

    Quote Originally Posted by John's Mom
    Just a heads up.

    All the remaining twelve Joe's will be profiled in this weeks issue of People Magazine, on newstands Friday. I think this is the pic of John which will be used....

    (and John sans a beard....)

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    Quote Originally Posted by inthlght28
    I totally missed that People magazine. Does anyone have a copy? I would love to see & read it!
    I don't know if you can any of read this, but it gives you an idea of the layout.

    (left click to see enlargement...)
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Quote Originally Posted by eldee
    Thanks for the link JoeJoe. (The guy (?) with the name so good that it has to be said twice ) The interview reads differently and gives me a different perspective. I thought he fell in love with her because of her beauty and little else. That went againt my perception (I don't know the him) of John. I do remember that perception is different from reality. I still would have preferred that he didn't get into such a state of infatuation or connection with a person he didn't really know and profess it.

    To his family or friends. Is he usually that way?
    I've been watching the show for the last month, and getting a real charge out of seeing John doing his German Boy Choir, Ahnold, Cuba Gooding stuff.

    He'll sacrifice all dignity for a lame-o joke. And he really likes to dress like a dweeb. Anyone can come off good wearing designer fashion-esta clothes. To be able to pull of weird hats, knee socks and geezer duds takes some real style.

    I've never known John to be a chaser. He's nice to everybody, and usually has a lot of girls interested in him, but he's not a chaser. I know he's had a few serious relationships, but he's too busy to really do anything about them.

    I was a little surprised about how he was acting on the show. I don't know if he was goofing off, or really was interested in the girl, but to answer your question, no, John does not act like that in the real world.

    I guess being shut up for a month with no outside influence and having to live with Zach would make anybody a little nuts.

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    he kinda looks like a weezer guy. the whole rivers cuomo thing going on with the glasses. thats just my opinion. but yeah, all indie kids (men, adults what have you) dress "nerdy" on purpose. its pretty kool. i dig it.

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