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Thread: John

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    Quote Originally Posted by eldee
    Although I am also a fan of John, I was turned off by his reaction last night and what he had to say about how he felt about her.

    Even though they need to try, no one can tell how a person is under those circumstances. For example, you can be a great person when you are staying in a great place with someone fixing your food for you and you don't have the stresses of work or have to interact with others on the outside world. They are all in a dream situation and no one is able to show or be shown the "everyday" average Joe of Melana. From John's reaction to the kiss and his telling her basically how he doesn't want to be left out, etc. I knew that he and the other guy would be the next 2 to leave.

    Bye John. I did enjoy you while you were on tv and hope that you already put the experience into perspective and have found someone to suit you. Be happy.
    Very, very well said. I think that the lack of other female companionship, the incentive to say SOMETHING about his interest in Melana or risk getting kicked off, as well as the total isolation, and cameras, encouraged a reaction that was potentially a bit more OTT then one would experience in everyday life. Think a boys summer camp where your hot female camp counselor says that she will select to date certain guys and then will slowly dismiss you. You have an early date with her and she continues to give you subtle winks. Yeah, I think he was sucked or at least incentivized to wear his heart on his sleeve.

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    john's cuz
    Quote Originally Posted by Gypsy Rose
    Well, again, *I* would have picked John (even over the pretty boys!), but he never really stood a chance with Melana. Not her type--and in my book, that's a GOOD thing! I'm just proud he managed to hang in as long as he did, but NOW I'm sort of pissed he couldn't stay at least one more week, because, the whole trick segment with the fat suit? something tells me John would have come out of that trial looking like GOLD.

    john definitely would have come out golden from that situation. while i'm bummed for him that he didn't get a chance to really shine, i'm relieved that he doesn't have to deal with the "princess of fake", as i call her. granted, i didn't catch all of the show last nite, just the very end, but since the beginning of the show the "pof" has struck me as less than observant. i don't mean to rant, ok i do, but i can see blowing off someone telling her "zack is a jerk" if it was one or two guys. how many times has she heard that now? does she think that everyone that is telling her that is lying to her? c'mon now!

    i know that the show is edited to show us only what the producers want to show us. however, in doing that they have portrayed the "pof" as someone who is easily distracted by bright shiny things. she may be a nice person, yada, yada, yada.....but i couldn't agree more that she is not only not john's type, but he's too good for her. ok, i'm off my soapbox now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gypsy Rose
    However, it's unfortunate that Brad apparently bequeathed a portion of his delusion to John when he left the show.
    I like John and I think he'll have no problems hooking up when this is all over with. He has a good heart and he refuses to change for anyone. I totally respect that.

    I wish him all the luck in the world.
    If you go through a lot of hammers each month, I don't think it necessarily means you're a hard worker.
    It may just mean that you have a lot to learn about proper hammer maintenance.

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    John's glasses

    The glasses that John wears are a popular style among the people working in the industry. His look is not unusual out in LA among young guys, lots of them play with their looks.

    I agree that John's OTT was a result of the circumstances and editing. So often a question has been asked, a leading question, and then the editing only reveals the answer. This is how the producers chose to play John.

    Good luck John.
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    I think John is cute as can be. Take off those glasses and get rid of some of that hair and he would be hot.

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    I think Melena liked John. I think she was being careful with his feelings. I don't think many women wouldn't be a bit freaked out that continued talking about the kiss they shared. Most people kiss there Grandma like that. I think he was too attached. John isn't unattractive by any means! The knee socks do need to go....I wonder if the producers did play up there nerdy sides...

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    I might be the only one who liked his glasses but, he would look good to me either way. Go John!

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    Ducky from "Pretty in Pink"!

    The John Cryer character! THAT'S who John reminds me of! A totally hot guy, cute as a button, big brown eyes, great smile. He had a unique sense of style, was suave in a nerdy way, and had the misfortune to love the wrong girl.

    We loved Ducky! AND, he ended up getting a totally hot girl.

    Now I'm really going to miss John on the show....

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    I think John needs a makeover from the Fab 5 on QEFTSG and would probably look as good as Mike and Jason.

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    john's cuz
    Quote Originally Posted by JonasGrumby
    I think John needs a makeover from the Fab 5 on QEFTSG and would probably look as good as Mike and Jason.

    except i think he would look better than them because he's a truly nice person as well. good looking people that are decent human beings are better than good looking people who aren't.

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