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Thread: John

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    Gypsy Rose
    "Have the guts to act like Jerry Lewis on a first date? "


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    Maveno, I'm sorry about Bo. Ferrets are very cute and soft.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IEEE1394
    John's Bro,

    Is your family catholic? Just curious because I thought I saw John make the sign of the cross when he was on the boat. Unless he was being a jokester again
    On one of the link's it says John went to Aquinas High School in his hometown of Lacrosse. Aquinas is Catholic. So I spose John is Catholic.

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    John's Mom
    Quote Originally Posted by Duxxy
    John'smom hasnt posted since the 5th. I hope we haven't scared her away
    John, John, John....I know you were hamming it up for the camera, but the world just didn't get the joke. You've brought home much hotter ladies than Melana. Smart, sharp, beautiful, talented woman. Some are even posting on this board.

    Snaps to john's cuz and Avg John's Bro for keeping it real, holding down the FORT, and being our familial supporters.

    (...and yes, John is proudly Catholic, an alter boy and everything...)

    I will now retreat to the last bastion on the Mom Who Has Nothing Else To Say.
    I will show cute baby pictures of John. (...and no, that ferret strangler is not John, it's Avg John's Bro...)

    Click for enlargement of John at 12 months
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    John's Mom! He was a cuties even then. To some of us, he is the superman of the group!

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    john's cuz
    Snaps to john's cuz and Avg John's Bro for keeping it real, holding down the FORT, and being our familial supporters

    well somebody's got to do it!

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    Oh my. It seems John has family on the boards. This is a first for me lol.

    Awwwww he's in a Superman costume!!

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    Gypsy Rose
    Hi to John's mom!

    Just wanted to say, your portrait work is some of the most remarkable I've seen! You really seem to capture the personality of your subjects in a unique way that speaks of a special giftedness. What a talented family you are!

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    Don't change at all IEEE1394's Avatar
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    Behind The Beekeeper
    Hello John's Mom,

    Hope it's ok with you, but I have a crush on your son
    Eagle Scout, Altar Boy,Robot Rocker,Clark Kent/Superman. Wow. He's the only reason I watch the show.I love those glasses and that hat.So Cute.
    BTW:Are you allowed to give out his astrological sign? I know they don't allow that for the Bachelor.

    P.S. I especially like the "Jennifer" portrait.
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    Gypsy Rose
    Why aren't you allowed to know their sign???

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