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Thread: NY Daily News Article

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    NY Daily News Article

    When 'hot' meets 'not'
    NBC gives 'Average Joes' a shot at a cheerleader


    Tired of TV dating shows that give good-looking women the run of the house with 16 hunks?
    The producers of NBC's "Average Joe" were, and decided to turn the genre on end.

    They found a girl - attractive former NFL cheerleader Melana Scantlin - put her in a fancy house, and then introduced her to 16 average- to not-so-great-looking guys.

    "The casting was a little complicated," said executive producer Stuart Krasnow. "Part of our show was wanting to find guys who didn't look like - how do I say this politically correct? - who weren't hot guys."

    The cast includes men who are fat, short, bald or tall.

    "These are not the guys who got the cheerleaders in high school," Krasnow said. "But to call them average is unfair."

    Scantlin didn't know she would be faced with regular guys.

    Indeed, in the first episode, airing Nov. 3 at 10 p.m., her visible glow fades as the Average Joes emerge from a bus to say hello. At one point, Scantlin turns off camera and suggests she's being duped - which she was, as part of the latest evolution in the reality genre, which is to add a twist. "Joe Millionaire," for example, lies about the net worth of its bachelor. Here, the bachelorette was misled by omission.

    Realizing there was a chance that Scantlin would quit, the producers had a backup girl ready to walk in to meet the guys.

    "Was she happy with us right after? No," Krasnow said. "I think she understood that when you fill out an application, and you want to meet a guy who's funny and smart, and put 'looks' fifth or sixth, that's what can happen."

    Likewise, the men didn't know they were being cast as a group of average guys either.

    "It's 25% gimmick and 75% story," he said. "It's a lot of emotion, it's a lot of people getting upset, it's a lot of people having a great time."

    The six-episode series was shot over five weeks. In each installment, some of the men get kicked off, leading to the end, when Scantlin will pick one.

    And then, if all goes well, NBC will air a second edition, which has already been shot.

    Said Krasnow, "I think we're the anti-'Bachelor.'"

    Originally published on October 23, 2003

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    I am just waiting to see her face when these guys get out of their limos!!!

    I think that if the bachlorette gets over her initial reaction, then this show could be great... But I don't know....

    And isn't great that NBC had an extra Bachlorette incase she quit!!!

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    Hmmm....I wonder who the "extra" girl was ?? from which other reality show LOL???

    also...wonder if the average Joe 2 is an average Jane??

    thanks for the article

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