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Thread: The "Joes"

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    Quote Originally Posted by museumguy
    ...but that coat and those illfitting pants may be a handicap...hard to get a date if you trip on the way across the stage
    ROFL museumguy! I love your sense of humor!

    Have to say that your (previous) remark about "geeky guys" is right on the money. I'm married to a real geek, and wouldn't trade him for anyTHING or anyONE. He's a real looker (lucky me!), but the sexiest things about him are his sense of compassion and his BRAIN!

    Makes me a little sad to think that this bunch of fellows - all of them, probably, real sweethearts! - might feel as if they have something to prove... Know what I mean? They never got a date with the cheerleader or the prom queen, got bullied or snubbed in school, and they're looking at this show for redemption... I've seen this (supposed) trophy date curl her lip when she got a look at her suitors, and it looks like high school hell all over again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by voyager265
    I may be considered odd but I thought that 5 of those guys seemed reasonable attractive.
    Me too!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by libra1022
    Me too!!
    I haven't counted, but I definitely find quite a few of them dreamy. I am in love with an ubergeek who is quite attractive (to me anyway) so I know where you are coming from Bootsie. But from their profiles that fluff posted for all of us, you can see that many of them have fared well in the past. I just fear the twist that the producers have in store for them...they all seem to be sweethearts.

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    some days ago i saw a site averagejoeshow.com and the links page had some links for the other guys.


    Dennis L.



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    Too bad they didn't get an average girl instead of the drop dead gorgeous Melena.

    Also, there's a difference between being "average looking" and looking like you've been isolated from society for the last 15 years...

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    Thanks for those links Elainica

    I think it would have been great to see an average looking women too, but I tihnk they just wanted to see the shock on Melana's face when the guys were revealed.

    I'm sure she was expecting very good looking guys.
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    I agree that many of the guys are not bad, even sort of cute..
    I did notice that most of them looked better in one pic over the other...
    i also wonder if they "clean up" well?? Like...with better haircuts, clothes..
    the picture of them all standing together showed that some of them are pretty bad dresses LOL..

    another thing...I do NOT like that Dennis L guy...he is an actor..grrrrr...

    I am soooooo sick of actors on reality shows..

    he even shows pics of him "playing a nerd"...I really hope he gets the boot first..

    here is link>>http://killerreel.com/dennis_luciani...s_luciani.html

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    Beware the actor who sells his craft for free...you would think...though we have found so many that they would have more pride than to work on 'reality' Tv....

    Thank god for the most part they haven't fared that well or we would find reality TV even more scripted than it already is....

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    Glad to hear there's someone to root for. The look on this woman's face in the commercial will make this worthwhile.... the guys were not what she was expecting. Hopefully she's not like that the whole way through. Bet a lot of these guys are great guys.

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    I have a feeling as this show progresses that I'm going to object to the notion that A, these guys COULDN'T date someone who looks like this girl without help, and B, that dating someone who looks that perfect is every man's dream.
    On another subject, we haven't heard yet whether these guys knew they were being set up as ugly ducklings, or whether they auditioned (or were recruited) under the premise that the show was going to be something totally different?
    Perhaps we'll learn tonight.

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