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Thread: Kathy Griffin, Host

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    Interview with Kathy Griffin

    Transcript is directly from NBC/Average Joe. Click the link and peruse the NBC site, I know I did...it's a great way to show your support for the show.

    How can you be a fan of reality television and not be a fan of Kathy Griffin? She's been a champion of reality TV since the start. In fact, she had an entire show devoted to it! "Kathy's So-Called Reality," which aired on MTV, featured lively round-robin discussions on everything from Temptation Island's whiny couples to Survivor's obnoxious teammates. Last year, Kathy took the obsession one step further by becoming a contestant on Celebrity Mole - the celebrity version of the popular betrayal/strategy game, The Mole. Not only did Kathy hold her own against the likes of Corbin Bernsen and Stephen Baldwin, but savvy Miss Kathy won the game!

    Now, as host of NBC's newest reality show Average Joe, Kathy is in her element. In her exclusive interview with NBC.com, Kathy dishes the dish.

    Why did you want to host Average Joe?
    I loved the premise. In my humble opinion, it's not about Melana, it's about the guys and the guys are incredible. I thought all of them were really good looking, so there ya go. It's so nice to see "real" people on television. I can watch this show and it reminds me of my own parties! "Hey, those are my friends!"

    How did the guys react to Melana?
    The guys all had different reactions [to Melana]. Some were in love within 20 seconds, others seemed more into each other. Talking about Star Trek, going in the hot tub. Nerd guys aren't so into chicks, they're into comics and fantasy football.

    What was your impression of the guys?
    Unlike Bachelorette, these guys were very emotional. They cried. They fought. Lots of nerd arguments. They really wore their hearts on their sleeves. On the Bachelorette, [the guys] worked out together. They talked about their clothes, their workout plan. On this show, they give each other noogies and talk about Star Trek. I love them. I love these guys.

    The one thing I said when I signed for this was that there was one thing I would not do. I won't ever comment on their looks or call them ugly. I wouldn't participate in anything that would say that they are "less than" in any way.

    How were the guys with each other?
    Girls might be a little catty, but these guys were overtly vicious the way they teased each other.

    You're a noted fan of reality TV, and a former contestant! What do you think about today's "state of reality"?
    All the contestants these days are on just to be on TV. It truly is great when they're on to really find somebody. That's what I love. I love that Trista and Ryan are engaged. You really can learn some stuff. You can watch these dating shows…and you're not going to learn what to do…but you can learn what not to do.

    I really do get bored with just seeing pretty people on reality shows all the time. That's one of the things I've always liked about Survivor. Real people with real bodies on primetime television. That's [also] what I really like about Average Joe. I mean, I don't know, I feel like I'm the only person who feels this way or television would change.

    Were you able to offer Melana advice when it came time for eliminations?
    Unfortunately, I really don't get to say what I feel at all. At the elimination ceremonies I would talk to the guys, talk to Melana and that's it.

    What was the funniest moment in the house?
    Funniest moment in the house? Any time there was "noogy" giving. One time the guys got hammered and one of them was running around the pool just yelling "Melana's amazing," that was pretty funny. Plus, these guys don't have the same internal censors as gorgeous guys. There will be moments where you'll be like "oh, no don't say that or don't do that." They are more uninhibited.

    For being "average," the guys seem pretty confident.
    Average guys will always pursue hot chicks. It's a trophy issue and there's a show-off aspect to it. They will probably inspire [other average guys], but these guys are already inspired.

    What's your favorite reality show?
    Sometimes when I watch reality shows, I actually want to become friends with [the people in them]. I want people fighting and sleeping together and having arguments and alliances. So far, you can't top the first season of Survivor. Best TV I've ever seen.

    Kathy Griffin can be seen every Wednesday at The Laugh Factory in Hollywood. She is currently developing a show about being a "D" list celebrity.

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    Thanks Maveno!! this was a great read and it should also alleviate some of the 'freak show on display' fears that some of our posters have.
    Kathy has a very crude sense of humour, she can be down right mean at times. I think she really is a champion of our boys. At the very least she's a fan and you don't bite the hand that feeds your reality tv addiction.
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    I think Kathy will add some (much needed!!!!) personality to the hosting of these reality shows. I am so sick of the stick person host that the television execs continuously choose.

    I am hoping that this show breaks the mold of everybody being PC and becomes the new standard for reality TV. That would be refreshing.

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    I love that Kathy is a fan of reality TV and she doesn't take it too serious.

    What was the FLOM guy's name again? Jordan? Ick. He was horrible.
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    I think Kathy should date these guys too....now that would be a twist.. who the hell cares if she's being paid by the show....like Melina isn't....

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