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Thread: Melana Scantlin, Star

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    Hello Mr. Anderson RickiRick's Avatar
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    Aug 2003
    I find the intro slow-mo shot of her on the beach to be unflattering. There is something odd about it, maybe bad tan lines, or maybe just the way that suit is so severely cut. (Looks like a thong on backwards.)

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    Anarchist AJane's Avatar
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    Nov 2003
    As my grandmother would've said, pretty is as pretty does.
    (If anyone watches soaps for their dose of non-reality TV, she looks very much like Brittany from the Young & the Restless.)
    Melana's not particularly interesting or clever. I don't think she's the catch of the century, but then again, I'm just...average.
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    I think she's definitely above average. She's pretty, but in that typical pretty blonde way. Not exactly unique, but that's okay too.

    I don't find her to be an airhead (although the Christmas question didn't help) and I find that she's a genuinely nice person without leading any of the guys on that she's not interested in.
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    Gypsy Rose
    She's not my cup of tea, but some guys (like Mr. Gypsy Rose) really respond to those round, wide, kittenish faces.

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    She's cute. But not hot, and not beautiful. Good enough looking to be the most attractive girl in your calculus class. Average enough to be the least attractive cheerleader.

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    I think that she is very pretty and has a lot of confidence.

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    I think (Malena, Melana, Melena???) is very attractive, without being too attractive as to seem phony or manufactured. She has natural beauty.

    She reminds me somewhat of Trista from the "Bachelorette", I think mainly because of her smile and her accent. But I like her better than Trista who DOES seem phony and manufactured.

    She is also coming off as a genuine person and that is a breath of fresh air in Reality TVland.

    She has one of the most expressive faces I have ever seen on TV and by that I mean you can virtually read her feelings, mood, reactions, all by glacing at her face - but you have to look quick because she does recover quickly. My guess is that she would be great to play poker with because she would reveal a "tell" on every hand.

    I think that the producers made a great choice in that they found a girl who was pretty, without being stunning, friendly and open without being phony, one that speaks her mind and also one that allows her self to be seen at less than her best - which shows self assurrance, confidence and respect for others.

    And despite what some of the sore loser elimated guys have said, she also seems to genuinly want to talk with and get to know each of the various guys and not just give them the usual "token chat".

    That is MHO anyway. Only wish she had a name I could spell the same way twice.
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    Is Melane pretty ? Well.. she thinks she is all that. She thinks she is too good for average joes.

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    I think Melana is pretty hot.. Not runway Victoria's Secret model hot, but definately very pretty. Her body is nice, and she has one heck of a keister!

    What makes her average is her personality. She really seems pretty uninformed about many things.. The Jews now celebrating the birth of Jesus?? Hmmm.

    Plus, she just seems so much more happy around the good looking model guys. It seems obvious to me, that looks mean much much more to her than she claims.

    I just think she is pretty boring.. one of those girls you would try to bring home for the night to shag when you are wasted on Jack Daniels...but not one that you take out to dinner and conversation.. not even Appleby's

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    Seems most of the guys are saying she's hot and most of the girls are saying that she is slightly above average (at least in this small survey). Maybe she has a quality that appeals to men but not so much to women (or maybe its 'two' qualities )

    I think she's pretty and she's nice but seems fairly boring. Not much substance, I'm afraid.
    "Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter."- Yoda

    "I'll just see where Providence takes me and try to look like I got there confidently." - Craig Ferguson

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