Griffin Can't Get Enough of Reality TV

Mon Jul 28, 7:50 AM ET
LOS ANGELES - Kathy Griffin can't get enough of reality television.

The actress and comedian who participated in and won ABC's "Celebrity Mole" earlier this year has a new gig as host of a proposed NBC reality relationship series "Average Joe."

Griffin serves as confidante to a woman who moves into a Palm Springs estate and begins dating 16 men with admittedly average looks. The show is not yet on NBC's fall schedule.

"I just love watching real people," Griffin told the Television Critics Association last week. "Real people are just endlessly fascinating. As an actress working in this industry and who looks like me, I can't get enough of it. I'm so sick of those 'Friends,' I could barely watch it anymore. They're all so perfect and gorgeous and wonderful."

Griffin skewers celebrities in her weekly standup act at The Laugh Factory in Hollywood, so it wasn't easy for her to rein in her acerbic wit on "Average Joe."

"I wanted to torture all the contestants much more than they (the producers) would let me. I really wanted to be vicious," she said. "But I had to be cordial, which killed me. I wouldn't say that I talk about the contestants on the show the way maybe I would in my act."