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Thread: 7/27 show discussion thread **spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIWANNABE
    I knew that was her!
    I saw that commercial a couple of nights ago and thought, "My God, is that Melanoma?!?" I thought she did the show to boost her career?
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    A fitting end to the series cheesily staged or not. Nathan will do find regardless of whether or not anything ended up happening with Anna. I dont get the big deal with Anna. She is a cute girl not a world class beauty. I see guys less attractive then Nathan with girls as attractive as Anna just about every day of the week. If we saw Nathan and Anna walking down the street holding hands and we didnt know who they were we wouldnt think twice about it.
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    I'm not sure if I can post this info or not, but I read elsewhere on the net where Nathan posted his observations about the show. I can't link the site but he did sound legit. He said that he and Anna were NOT together, but they have remained good friends, via email and phone. He said he has been reading the boards and that he feels Anna has gotten a bad wrap and is really sweet and genuine (awww). Anyway, this was taped about a year ago and they have not had a chance to see each other since then. Not even a secret rendezvous like the Bachelor show.
    He also said he is dating a girl he had know before the show but got together when he came back to Florida. He's very happy. He said he has no regrets and feels the show was a very positive experience for him. He is doing some illustration work (I think). He said Anna is working on her own business but didn't say what it was. That's about it.
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    cafegirl - I think I read the same interview you did. It sounds like Anna basically pulled a Jen. I really don't believe she chose either one. I really don't think she saw a potential relationship with either one, so she went with Nathan because it would make her look better than if she had picked the hunk. But, it sounds like nobody was hurt, so.....eh, no harm done, I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cafegirl
    He said that he and Anna were NOT together, but they have remained good friends, via email and phone.
    Jeez, that's a surprise

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    From Nathan's Site

    Friday, July 29, 2005

    Anna and myself.

    Okay. First off, I have to say "hey" to everyone here. I realize that I made a few posts in the past and then *poof* I was gone. My reason for that was due to my 'contractual obligations' to NBC. I would have loved to stick around and offer insight into the show but I had to be a good boy.
    I've been reading a lot of boards today and noticed a lot of people were wondering what has happened between Anna and myself over the course of this past year.

    Here it is folks...
    There has been a lot of talk since the end of the show last night that Anna chose me as a 'safety.' People have been saying that the show was rigged. People have been saying that her and I shared no 'spark' and she was coaxed into her decision. I can assure you that it was her decision and her decision ALONE. The producers of NBC didn't even know her decision until she delivered it to Rocky.

    Anna and I made the decision (her decision obviously counted more than mine!) that finding a lasting friendship and seeing how things developed from there was more important than lust and good looks. She and I found equality in each other, common interests, common goals etc. BUT... we both left the show as friends and I could ask for nothing better.

    It's been almost a year (wait... it HAS been a year) since the show was taped and over the course of that year, we've stayed in touch via phone calls and e-mails. Due to the 'secrecy' issue that follows almost ALL reality shows, we were not allowed to be seen in public together which meant that for the entire time we were all waiting for the show to air, we haven't been able to see each other. I'm sure this is what most of the viewers expected.

    Currently, I am very happy in a relationship which developed unexpectedly out of a friendship pre-show. Anna and I are STILL in touch and she is extremely supportive.

    I have to say... I've been reading boards and comments all over the internet and people aren't giving Anna near enough credit for what she went through on the show. She is truly an amazing person. She's caring, compassionate, intelligent and genuine.

    So as things stand... I accomplished everything I set out to accomplish by going on the show. I've met some amazing people, done things I'll probably never have the chance to do again, done things I'll definitely never WANT to do again (ie. wear silly red wrestling outfits and eat 8-billion sloppy joes) and maintained my integrity and my self respect. The friendships that I've formed on the show I have no doubt will last for the rest of my life (included my friendship with Anna).

    So although there are those of you out there who will probably respond with "I figured as much" ... I will say that NEITHER of us knew what would happen when all was said and done. Anna said "I can't promise anything" and I respected her greatly for that as I too could promise nothing... how COULD we?! We knew things would be day-by-day and there is no way to fully comprehend what tomorrow will bring. So regardless of the fact that Anna and I never found a relationship together, I can honestly say that I have love for her and will always treasure the experience we were both a part of.

    So here I am... working my butt off on my illustration work which can be seen here at www.lumpstuff.com, preparing myself to go back to school, planning a reunion of sorts for the rest of the 'Average Joes' and living a happy life with my girlfriend.

    Anna is working her butt off, trying to start her own business (which I think will be extremely successful), spending time with family and close friends and riding the last wave in this insane adventure.

    I realize there will be a lot of questions and I'll do my best at answering them all. I just felt it necessary to let everyone know what's going on as of late.

    And I don't know if I made the point I was TRYING to make so I will give it one last go...
    ... regardless of the fact that Anna and I are not dating, I believe what we BOTH got from our experience on the show was and will continue to be extremely fruitful both in our lives (and hopefully) the lives of the viewers. I spoke with her today and the both of us have had an amazing response from people... thanking us for being who we are, thanking us for giving them hope, thanking us for staying true to ourselves. We are both extremely flattered and AMAZED that something like a reality tv can affect the lives of so many people and to be honest with you... I still feel as though I don't deserve the response that I've gotten as I've done nothing but be myself.

    So now that I've written a novel, I will leave you with...
    "To those who have shown their genuine support of the castmembers on the show... I thank you. I hope you all had as much fun WATCHING the show as we had creating it."

    Thanks (even to those of you with 'negative feedback.' As an artist, I've come to appreciate even negative criticism

    Nathan's myspace page

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    Quote Originally Posted by angelgirl39
    Anna and Nathan are still together, almost a year later! Here is an excerpt from Anna's interview on Match.com a couple of weeks ago:

    Q: Did you find true love?

    A: I did! We're very happy. We can't wait until the show is done, so we can finally be out in the world and be together! Until then, everything is under wraps.

    Q: What do you hope viewers will learn?

    A: Not to judge people by their external beauty. People judged me on my looks before they got to meet me, and thought I would be stuck-up. Or they thought, "Oh, pretty girl, she must be an idiot." They didn't see what was inside at first.

    Q: So what qualities are important to you in a guy?

    A: I need someone I can have a conversation with. I want someone who's motivated to stay in the relationship for the long haul. My parents have been together for 30 years.

    Heh heh...I know as soon as I read that that Rocky was toast! Congratulations, Anna and Nathan!!

    Since this interview obviously took place before the final episode aired I would think she had no choice but to give the impression that whoever it was that she picked that they were still together - I mean, how would it come off it she gives an interview and says there NOT still together before we even see the final episode to learn who she picked - it would kinda take the wind out of the sails if we were watching her pick someone that we already knew it didn't work out with.....I think her hands were tied and she had no choice but to let everyone think that they are/were still together. I doubt that it is true. This was the most contrived of all the 'joe' seasons yet and so obviously fake.

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    Yup, she sure fooled me, obviously. After years of watching these shows, you'd think I'd have learned by now that if a Fame-ho opens their mouth, you should assume that they're lying. LOL.

    I think there are ways she could have been coy or evasive, without outright lying to the public. She could have just as easily said, "I can't answer because it's still confidential", or even "Let's just say I'm happy with the outcome". Instead she fabricates some story about how they can't wait to go public as a couple. UGH...

    I think she was trying to build herself a halo, but fortunately most people were smarter than I was, and you realized it was all a huge farce. Hopefully they've pulled the plug on this show for good.

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    britty05 - thanks so much for posting Nathan's explanation and the link to his myspace account. Anyway you could also post Anna's myspace account, and if Josh is there, I'd love to see it - I tried to search for it yesterday, with no luck.

    nbc is smart to let this show go away . . . they've jerked us around for too long, and with end results like this, what is there to like? I'm glad Nathan is happy . . . I'd wondered ever since average Matt started posting how two people could keep a reality show relationship 'under wraps' for over a year . . . how absurd to think about that now.

    if cafegirl had been on it, she would have found someone who had seen Nathan and his new girlfriend lurking about in Florida! ha! that would have been fun. she probably would have found photos too!

    it's really perennialprincess, there just wasn't enough space to fit it all in!

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    Quote Originally Posted by perennialprince
    britty05 - thanks so much for posting Nathan's explanation and the link to his myspace account. Anyway you could also post Anna's myspace account, and if Josh is there, I'd love to see it - I tried to search for it yesterday, with no luck.
    PP, here's Anna's myspace account: Anna Chudoba

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